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Add That Intimate Touch to Your Wedding Ceremony Backdrop

May 31, 2017 – A great wedding ceremony backdrop is an amazing centerpiece for a wedding. It’s not just going to be one of the focal points of the ceremony, but it can go a long way towards setting the entire mood and tone of the ceremony as well. After all, with its position behind the bride, groom, and officiants, it’s going to be in all the pictures.

wedding ceremony backdrop

So, the right wedding backdrop can have a huge influence not just on the ceremony itself, but on everyone’s memories of the ceremony for years going forward. The backdrop can really make a personal statement, and help your wedding stand out in people’s minds.

The trick is to add something personal, or to make the wedding ceremony backdrop contribute to the overall feel of the wedding in unique ways. Here are a few ideas.

Creating a Truly Memorable and Personal Wedding Backdrop

  1. Create a Photo Montage 

Your wedding marks the beginning of a new life, but that doesn’t mean it has to ignore the life that’s come before. A fantastic way to mix the old with the new is to turn the backdrop into a photo montage. One option here would be to show pictures of the bride and groom together, prior to their marriage. Another great idea would be to fill it with childhood and school-age pictures of both, to highlight how far they’ve come.

Since a modern wedding ceremony backdrop can be made of high-quality vinyl with high-resolution digital images printed on, it would be clear and easily seen – even in photographs.

  1. Include Quotes

What does marriage mean to the bride and groom? What are their attitudes on life? Do they have any pithy advice for those in attendance? Putting quotes on your wedding backdrop allows pictures of it to go beyond visual representations and include some of your unique ideas and personality as well!  

Consider, for example, using quotes to border the edges of the backdrop. They’d make a “frame” for the proceedings which is uniquely you.

  1. Add Splashes of Color

Perhaps you don’t want the backdrop to call that much attention to itself, but you still want to enhance the proceedings. A good solution here is to make a backdrop that focuses on adding color to the room, rather than anything more overt.

Since most brides and grooms are wearing their traditional colors – white and black – color in the background will cause them to truly “pop” out of any pictures being taken. It’s a terrific way to show off bridal gowns in particular. The colors, of course, could be chosen to complement the ceremony colors… but perhaps make them a bit brighter and more vibrant, to pull eyes towards the front of the room.

Best Wedding Backdrops Can Create Picture-Perfect Weddings

Best Wedding Backdrops has extensive experience creating custom wedding set pieces, signs, graphics, and more. Or we could even handle all the logistics for your wedding! Contact us today to learn more about all the terrific services we offer.

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