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Help Your Wedding Stand Out with A Custom Wedding Bar Menu Sign

Signage isn’t always the first thing people think about when planning for a wedding or reception, but signs are actually a great way to help give your event personality.  Well-made signs are informative and useful as signs, but they can also carry through the theme of your wedding and show off your personality at the same time.  In particular, a wedding bar menu sign offers plenty of opportunity to make your wedding just a bit more special.

Here are just a few ways to get the most from these under-appreciated signs.

Four Great Ways to Spice Up Your Wedding Bar Menu Sign

  1. Match the sign to your design theme

One of the simplest ways to ensure your signs feel like they fit in at the wedding is to utilize the same basic design as your invitations.  That ensures they match the overall theme.

That said, bar signs have a bit more room to have personality.  They don’t necessarily have to have the exact same theme.

  1. Include your own cocktails

Have you ever invented your own drink?  A wedding is the perfect place to show it off.  You can make sure the sign clearly shows who created the drinks being served.  Or, do a “his and hers” cocktail duo so that your favorite drinks are front and center.  Either way, this is a perfect opportunity to insert a bit of yourself into the design.

  1. Acrylic bar signs really stand out

Want something a bit different than the typical stand-up menu sign?  Go acrylic!  These clear signs are instant eye-catchers, and immediately make the bar area feel a bit fancier.  Better yet, acrylic signs can still incorporate colorful graphics and any sort of font, so they’ll still be able to fit in with the overall design.

Plus, a custom acrylic bar sign is a wonderful keepsake of the wedding, or something you might be able to reuse in a home bar.

  1. Add space for signatures

Want a very special guestbook?  Let people add their autograph to your bar signs when they order a drink.  You’ll undoubtedly get a very interesting collection of thoughts and messages!

Act Now for Your Own Free Wedding Bar Menu Sign

For a limited time, if you purchase one 3’x4′ foamcore table seating chart and one 2’x3′ foamcore welcome sign, you’ll receive a 8″x11″ foamcore bar menu sign for free! Offer ends January 3rd, 2020. Contact us to learn more!


Why Everyone Loves Photo Booths at Holiday Parties

Are you looking for an attraction to add to your holiday party that everyone will love? Rent a photo booth so your guests can load their fun pictures to Instagram! People of all ages can’t resist photo booths, particularly when there’s a fun selection of backdrops and items to take shots with.  Whether your party is at home, the office, or anywhere else… a photo booth is a great addition.

Four Reasons Why Photo Booths Are Perfect for Parties and Instagram

  1. A fun way to cut loose

Photo booths give people instant permission to have fun and be wacky – and when you rent the booth, they can have as much fun as they want!  It encourages people’s silly side, in a totally harmless environment.

Plus, the photo booths come with an attendant who will make sure everything goes smoothly.

  1. Easy uploading

Today’s photobooths aren’t like the ones from the 80s that only deliver tiny little picture strips.  Modern photobooths are online-ready and will instantly upload pictures to password-protected albums where guests can download the pics for free.  Or, add on a social media Instant Sharing Station so that the pics can be uploaded directly to people’s Instagram, Facebook, or other social account.

  1. Give kids something to do

Are there likely to be kids at the party?  If so, they may be bored and disruptive if there aren’t enough activities they enjoy.  Photo booths are a great way to distract the kids and keep them from bothering the adults who are trying to have fun.  Plus, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy seeing the pictures they make.

  1. Backdrops and props encourage creativity

There’s no limit to how many backdrops and props could be used along with the photo booth, so that opens up even more opportunities for your friends, family, co-workers, or anyone else to really get into the spirit of things.  For holiday parties, the themes and decorations suggest themselves.  Go all in on the season!  Or, go in the other direction, and bring in warm backdrops\props that take people’s minds off the cold winter.

Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs Has the Party Rentals You Need

We aren’t just a wedding service – we have a large collection of booths, signs, and other features that make any party a success!  Everyone loves online photos, so why not add an Instagram Frame to your event?  Purchase our 2’x3′ Foamcore Instagram Frame for only $65.00 +HST.  Custom designs and sizes available!

Contact our team to learn more.

Get a Free Bar Menu from Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs

Are you worried about making your wedding decor being perfect? Well with the team from Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs, you can rest easy. They have a wide range of wedding welcome signs, backdrops, photobooth displays, and more. In fact, for a limited time only, you can receive a free bar menu when you order one of their table seating charts and welcome signs.

Read on below to learn more about this exclusive deal.

Free Bar Menu from Now Until January

From Nov.4 until January 4, Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs customers can receive a free bar menu for their special day. Simply order one of their ‘3×4’ foamcore table seating charts and a ‘2×3’ foamcore welcome sign to receive a high-quality foamcore bar menu sign free of charge.

Our Table Seating Charts

Worried about where to keep track of friends or family members during your wedding reception? Perhaps you just want to have a seating chart handy for when you’re making the rounds and greeting guests. Either way, the wedding seating charts available from Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs will ensure that you know exactly where every guest is supposed to be seated.

Wedding Welcome Signs & More

Greet your wedding guests in style with one of the wedding ceremony welcome signs from Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs. Choose from some of today’s leading styles and templates or create your own custom design. When it comes to our wedding decor options, the sky’s the limit.

Don’t Want a Sign or a Bar Menu, Don’t Worry!

If you don’t need a wedding welcome sign you can switch it out for an Instagram frame or another product and still receive a free bar menu sign; if you don’t need a bar menu sign, replace it with a guestbook sign. We’ll work with you to ensure you’re satisfied.

To learn more about our photo and ceremony backdrops, wedding signage, and more, contact Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs online or call (647) 242-7377.


5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Wedding Seating Chart

Planning a wedding is no small task. There’s so much to remember, like getting the right catering company and planning a perfect ceremony. But don’t forget the seating arrangements! Having your guests seated in the right places will make your wedding day go off without a hitch, which is why Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs have collected some tips for you here.

Tips for Making the Best Wedding Seating Chart

  1. Keep Friends Close

Having a head table with your wedding party and close friends is a great way to both acknowledge how important their involvement in your wedding ceremony is, as well as surround yourself with your closest friends. The second-closest table is often for your parents and closest family members.

  1. Choose the Right Table Shapes

It might not seem like it at first, but table shape can play a huge role in creating the perfect wedding seating chart. This is because the size and shape will determine the number of guests you’ll be able to seat at each table, and where. When it comes to table shapes, you’ll often have several options to choose from, including square, oval, rectangle, and round tables.

  1. Ask for Help

When it comes to seating arrangements, you might not know everyone who’s coming to your wedding, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. For example, when seating your parent’s friends or the extended family members who’ve been invited, it never hurts to ask which guests should be best seated where.

  1. Categorize Guests by Groups

Once you’ve settled on the list of those invited to the wedding, it’s time to start thinking about the best groups to seat them in. One of the easiest ways to do this is by seating work friends together, high school buddies in the same area, etc. This way you’ll be able to identify where particular groups of friends and family are when you’re making the rounds, and they’ll also already know who they’re sitting with.

  1. Consider Making a Separate Kids Table

If you or your partner have children that have invited friends, or many of your friends and relatives have kids, it’s often helpful to include a separate kids’ table in your wedding seating chart. We all know how short kids’ attention spans are nowadays, so having them seated next to their peers can give them something to do while the reception is going on.

Let Best Wedding help you create the very best wedding seating chart!

Are you still in need of ideas? The team from Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs can give you some insightful tips. Their team can also provide all the necessary decor, everything from wedding backdrops to photo booths.

Contact them online today or call (647) 242-7377.


Nifty Holiday Signs for Your Wedding Reception

These days, holiday weddings are all the range. For some, holding their wedding ceremony over the holidays can ensure that every guest can make it to commemorate their special day. Others might simply find it a funky way to express their love for either, like getting married on Halloween or St. Patrick’s Day. Either way, the new holiday confetti wedding reception signs designed by Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs can make the perfect accessory.

Here are a few more things that make the holiday confetti wedding reception signs from our team so unique!

Create a Theme!

With the holiday confetti wedding reception signs from Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs, it’s all about creating a theme. If you want all your decorations and ceremony signage to be consistent with your holiday theme, these reception signs make a great choice. We can design seating charts, bar menu signs, colorful backdrops, and more.

Share Your Wedding with the World

With so many social media applications nowadays to document and memorialize your special day, our confetti reception signs are a great way to help you share your wedding with the world. Think of this, a customized confetti Instagram border with black and orange colors and the banner “Hallowedding.” You can make your wedding day something fun for all your followers.

Fast Service

We know how daunting planning a wedding can be, which is why we make it easier by offering fast service that you can count on. If you have a tight schedule or need a reception sign last minute, our team will do our best to accommodate you and always provide a clear timeline, so you know what to expect.

Flexible Pricing

Our goal is to help you create a holiday wedding reception sign that not only looks great, but also fits comfortably in your budget, which is why we offer a range of styles and options. This diverse range makes it easy for you to find a style and quality that suits you best.

Easy Setup & Lasting Design

With our lightweight holiday wedding reception designs, you’ll never have to worry about lugging them back and forth from the venue to the reception area. These long-lasting signs are both easy to set up and durable, making them ideal for nearly any situation.

Let our team make your special day a once-in-a-lifetime event!

For more than 30 years, the team from Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs has been helping couples create unique, eye-catching signs and displays. No matter what your budget, we’ll work with you to bring your wedding vision to life.

To learn more, contact us online today or call 1 (647) 242-7377.


New Wedding Welcome Signs to Wow Your Guests

Are you the type of person who wants every little aspect of their wedding day to be absolutely perfect? Well, it isn’t easy to make your special day come off without a hitch, which is why many often need a bit of extra help, especially when it comes to decoration and signage. That’s why the team from Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs is so excited to share our new wedding welcome sign designs with you.

Below you’ll find a few reasons why our wedding welcome signs have quickly become a best-seller.

Easily Customizable

Whether you want your wedding welcome sign to match with your theme or have a playful phrase, like “Can I get a witness?,” the team from Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs can easily accommodate you. No matter what your vision is for your wedding welcome sign, our design team will help bring it to life. You’ll be able to choose every aspect of the design, from the color and text to the font and layout.

Affordably Priced

Just like no two weddings are alike, neither are two wedding budgets, which is why we offer a multitude of options for our wedding welcome signs. We have a diverse range of quality options for any type of budget.

Lightweight & Durable

All our wedding welcome signs are designed to be easily transported to and from your wedding venue. Their lightweight and durable design makes them easy to set up and will provide you with memories of a lifetime.

Quick Turnaround

At Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs, we know when planning a wedding, things can change at the drop of a hat, which is why we’re committed to offering easy ordering and quick turnaround times. We’ll work to fit your schedule and provide you with a solid timeline of when you can expect your wedding welcome sign to be finished.

Let our team make your special day a once-in-a-lifetime event!

For more than 30 years, the team from Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs has been helping couples create unique, eye-catching signs, displays, and backdrops. Our unique experience and insight can help you bring your wedding decoration vision to life and showcase your personality as a couple. Whether you want something more traditional or want to get creative, we’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure it’s exactly what you want for your special day.

To add a personal touch to any event space on any budget, contact us online today or call 1 (647) 242-7377.

Ideas for Affordable Wedding Reception Signs

wedding reception signs

One great way to make your wedding stand out is through the use of custom wedding reception signs!  You’ll undoubtedly have plenty of signage around your wedding, and every sign gives you an opportunity to express your personality or the theme of the wedding.  Guests will appreciate the extra effort, and they’ll undoubtedly take plenty of pictures!

Custom wedding reception signs can fit into any budget, even smaller ones! With a little creativity and re-use of resources, you can have great signs without spending too much.

Three Great Ideas for Affordable Reception Signs

  1. Create a photo montage

When it comes to creating custom signs, the design part is often the most expensive.  If you’ve got your own design already worked out, that can significantly decrease costs when you commission the sign.  One great way to do this is by making a photo montage.  Pictures taken from your engagement, or from earlier in your relationship, can quickly make for a great sign.

From there, it’s simple to drop a little text over the top and send it to the printer.  You get a great personalized sign, at very little extra cost.

  1. Reuse your wedding invitation design

There’s nothing wrong with reusing designs you’ve already laid out.  This can be a really good way to keep a strong theme running through your wedding.  For example, it’s simple to take the basic design of your wedding invitations and scale them up to sign-size.  Since the design is already intended to accommodate text, it’s easy to then add in whatever message you want.

This is another great way to get a nice-looking sign, without paying extra for a custom design.

  1. Compromise on sign materials

Wedding reception signs can be made from a wide range of materials, just depending on your budget.  This makes for an excellent opportunity to cut a corner that very few guests will ever notice.  If you use more basic materials in the creation of your signs, they’ll still look just as nice when they’re fully printed and mounted.

The only real difference is that lower-grade materials may not store as well, but are you planning to reuse the signs?  Put the money towards more important decorations!

Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs Makes Decorations Affordable

We specialize in creating custom signs, backdrops, floor decals, and more – all designed to make your wedding look amazing while staying within your budget. Contact us to learn more.

Tips for Alternative Wedding Welcome Signs

alternative wedding welcome signs

First impressions matter – even at a wedding!  For many guests, the first thing they’ll see is your wedding welcome sign.   Sure, it could be a plain “Welcome to our wedding” sign, but why not be a bit creative?  The right welcome sign can get your guests in the right mood from the very beginning while telling them that this wedding is going to be something special!

Here are some of our favorites that we’ve either made for customers or seen at weddings we’ve worked.

Five Alternative Ideas for Clever Wedding Welcome Signs

  1. Foamcore designs

Foamcore is a great material to work with because it can be carved to look like almost anything while having a fun and playful look.  You could go with a basic arrow, or you could get really creative.  Do you have a theme for your wedding?  Get a foamcore sign that matches that theme.

  1. “Wedding Crashers Welcome!”

We got a good laugh when we saw this one, as did most of the guests walking by.  Just keep in mind, there’s always the chance that actual crashers will take it literally.  Then again, if you’re of a bohemian mind, that could just add to the fun!

  1. Signposts

We’ve seen a couple of great welcome signs designed after signposts.  One had a very traditional “white wooden arrows” look, while another was deliberately rustic and probably was made from found wood.  They welcomed guests to the ceremony, while also pointing the way to the most important attractions.  The extra effort was appreciated!

  1. “Can we get a witness?”

This was another cute one we made for a couple with an odd sense of humor, and it got a few giggles as the guests passed by.  It used a “jailhouse bars” look, referencing the old Public Enemy track.

  1. Framed glass

One surprisingly eye-catching wedding welcome sign we came across used a piece of framed glass (well, probably plastic) which was positioned to “frame” the reception when you looked through it.  Then the welcome message is written over top in white marker.  The result was perfect for taking pictures, inviting guests to get creative before they’d even properly arrived!

Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs Can Make Your Wedding Stand Out!

We specialize in creating amazing backdrops, signs, floor decals, and other decorations for weddings with their own sense of style. Contact us to talk about how we can make your wedding look unique!

Your Fall Wedding Welcome Sign Ideas

Your Fall wedding is coming up. Are your signs and displays ready? Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs can help you finalize your display with these Fall wedding welcome sign ideas.

Use Our Sign Templates as a Foundation to Your Wedding Welcome Sign Ideas

We’ve created a comprehensive selection of welcome sign templates for our clients. Each template is designed to be completely customizable. So, no matter what style of wedding décor you select, we can offer the ideal welcome sign for your big day.

  • Marble

Our Marble welcome sign is a great option for couples seeking a traditional approach to their wedding décor. The sign features a white background with a distinct pattern that keeps the focus on the content.

  • Barnboard

Barnboard style wedding welcome signs present that perfect option for your country-style wedding. The background features wooden barnboard with the welcome message centered for maximum attention.

  • Water Colours

With the leaves changing, consider using pastel watercolours for your wedding welcome sign. Our Water Colours template could be a great choice for weddings being held among the Fall foliage.

  • Botanical Love

Here’s another great option for a classic wedding theme. The silver background and white lettering in the Botanical Love welcome sign make for the perfect way to elegantly introduce guests to your venue.

  • Sedimentary

Blending classic and contemporary, the stylish Sedimentary sign is a great addition to any Fall-themed event. The multi-coloured design will grab attention immediately when guests enter your venue.

  • Rustic

Our rustic wedding welcome sign combines simple elegance with classic appeal. It’s a great option for an outdoor Fall wedding on those cool crisp afternoons late in the year.

Turn to Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs for Welcome Sign Options

Few companies can match our selection of quality welcome signs. We can help you begin the design process using any of the templates we’ve mentioned. We’ll also give you access to one of our skilled designers who can take your personal preferences into consideration when designing your display.

A key benefit to working with Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs for your welcome signs is we have decades of experience in the industry. We’ll harness this experience to provide you with affordable welcome signs according to your event schedule and needs.

Our experience also means we can resolve any challenges that arise during the design process.

Ready to select your welcome signs? Start today by contacting our designers and team.

A Guide to Your Wedding Sign Ideas for Large Weddings

We know it can be stressful when trying to organize everything for a large wedding. But proper planning for your guests’ arrival can help to ease your mind on the big day. Make sure that each of your guests can find their way around the venue with stylish and easy to read wedding signage.

We’re here to help with our guide to wedding sign ideas for large weddings.

Use Two Table Seating Charts

One of the most difficult elements of organizing your guests at your venue is that you may struggle to get everyone seated on time. Guests will likely try to get as close as possible to the seating chart to find out where they’ll be placed for the event. To avoid this problem, make sure that you create two table seating charts. Provide guests with clear details about which seating chart to use to find their name. For example, you could organize guests alphabetically by last name or by family.

Add an Order of Events Sign

When your guests arrive, they will want to know what to expect during the event. This will help them to prepare for the day ahead. They can decide if they want to get a snack or if they can go out and stretch their legs if they are expected to stay seated for an hour of the ceremony and the following reception. Having an order of events sign can help inform your guests and ensure they don’t come to you or other members of your family with questions. Using this wedding sign idea can keep all guests on the same page.

Add a Social Media Sign

A social media sign is a great way to explain how to disseminate information about the event to others who couldn’t attend. You can place your social media sign at the bar or other popular meeting areas in the venue. The sign will explain how to add the event hashtag to social media to capture attention and will ensure news of your happy occasion travels with guests and to all your friends.

Turn to Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs for the Latest Wedding Sign Ideas!

Our experienced professionals at Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs can help to guide you in organizing your wedding day signage. We’re here to answer your questions, complete the design work, and deliver quality signs.

If you’d like to learn more about potential wedding sign ideas for your upcoming event, please contact our team today!

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