Blog | Best Wedding Backdrops - Part 3
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Blog | Best Wedding Backdrops - Part 3

The Affordable Wedding Décor Packages in Ontario

Your Ontario wedding requires you to take into consideration a range of budgeting elements. One of the more important elements to consider is décor. Working with a local décor specialist can help you find the most affordable wedding décor packages in Ontario. In this latest post, we’ll explore the full range of packages offered by our team at Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs.

affordable wedding The classic foamcore signage package

The classic foamcore signage package is ideal for a number of couples. The package includes a welcome sign, table seating chart, and a bar menu sign. The package is now available at special offer pricing of just $150.00.

The medium package

For those with a smaller venue who require signage that matches their wedding space, the medium package is the option for you. The package includes a welcome sign, an order of events sign and an Instagram frame sign. This package Is now available for just $125.00.

The small package

The smallest of our signage packages, this is designed for those with an intimate venue who require signage that fits seamlessly within the space. The package now includes a bar menu sign, social media sign, and a sweet table sign. Our Small Package is available for just $85.00.

Our custom packages

We also offer custom packages for those that wish to mix and match their décor options. Our custom packages are some of the most affordable wedding décor packages in Ontario and are put together by our signage experts who have worked with couples across the province to help create memorable events.

Why choose Best Wedding Backdrops?

Our team at Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs is committed to helping you choose high-quality décor that meets your event needs with precision. We understand the challenges of planning a wedding and ensuring that your day-to-day lives move forward smoothly at the same time. That’s why we make ourselves available around the clock during the planning process to help you make the right decisions at each phase of your event design process.

It’s the ideal time to review the latest affordable wedding décor packages in Ontario. To discover the full range of options available, call us now.

The Most Popular Wording for Your Wedding Seating Chart

The wedding seating chart is the sign that your wedding guests will use to determine where they will enjoy the event from. It’s important that the chart looks immaculate and is designed in-line with the theme of your wedding. Our team at Best Wedding Backdrops has years of experience in designing wedding seating chart items for clients across the marketplace. And in this latest post, we’ll highlight the most popular wording options for seating chart signs.
seating chart

  1. “Please find your seat”

Please find your seat is a popular option used at weddings across the country. This invites your guests to explore the chart and ensure they have the right area at the venue.

  1. “Your seat awaits”

This is another great option for seating chart phrasing. This offers a less formal introduction to the wedding seating chart and allows your guest to take their time reviewing the chart.

  1. “Be our guest”

For friendly and formal messaging, be our guest is a popular option for many types of couples. This doesn’t mention the seating chart but can highlight the closeness of the couple to those in attendance.

  1. “Please be seated”

This is a slightly more formal way of introducing the seating chart. This is often chosen by older couples and those with a large and varied guest list.

  1. “The party awaits”

This phrasing highlights the fun and revelry of the occasion and ensures that guests feel comfortable letting loose and enjoying the day they share they’re sharing with you. It’s a popular option for a broad range of events.

Turn to Best Wedding Backdrops for options

Our team at Best Wedding Backdrops can help design the ideal wedding day seating chart for your particular venue and ceremony. We work with a range of materials and can help you come up with unique designs that send the right message and set the right tone for the event. We enjoy speaking with all couples about their wedding day plans and we’d be happy to help guide you in choosing signage and language for your wedding displays. To discover more about your seating chart options, please call Best Wedding Backdrops today.

Three Types of DIY Wedding Photo Booths

Your wedding day event can bring together many people from different areas of your life. It’s important you have a number of keepsakes from this momentous occasion. It’s why many are now considering adding a wedding photo booth to their event set up. Our team at Best Wedding Backdrops supplies a number of styles of backdrop for wedding photo booths and in our latest post, we’re highlighting the three types of DIY photo booth often found at wedding receptions when your budget doesn’t include a Best Wedding Backdrops Photo Booth Rental.

wedding photo booth

Simple Polaroid

The simple Polaroid camera setup involves you supplying a Polaroid camera and film that your guests can use to take pictures. The Polaroid-style photograph lends a level of authenticity and classical style to the wedding photo and the camera is easy to use for all types of guest. It can ensure that many memorable photos are created.

Selfie station

The selfie station is that great option for a wedding event in which all guests are encouraged to use their cell phones. You can supply a selfie stick and then guests can attach their phones to the stick and take pictures in front of our backdrop. This gives guests full control over the picture being taken while ensuring you receive a few great shots in front of the backdrop we supply.

Camera on a tripod

For those looking for a professional-level photo taken by guests at their event, the camera on a tripod is a great choice. Many couples supply a higher quality professional camera for the event and then allow guests to simply push the button on the camera in front of the chosen backdrop. The use of the tripod helps to control the quality of the picture and also limits the potential for damage to occur. However, in this scenario, it’s suggested you also post warnings about how to use the camera and to ensure only adults work with the camera during the event.

High-quality shots taken in front of customized backdrops are now an important part of the wedding photo booth experience. Our team at Best Wedding Backdrops is committed to providing you the highest quality backdrops and wedding photo booth options for your important event. To discover more about the options we provide, please call our team today.


The Latest Interactive Wedding Photobooth Options for Your Toronto Wedding

A wedding photo booth can help provide your Toronto wedding guests with many memories of your wedding day event. It can help to engage guests within the event experience and ensure that each person takes their part in the day’s festivities. Our trusted team at Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs has decades of experience in the event industry and in this new post, we’re highlighting the newest interactive wedding photobooth options for your big day in Toronto.


Wedding Photobooth Toronto

Sharing Stations

Sharing stations are a great way to disseminate pictures of your special day. You can host sharing stations that allow your guests to easily connect with their social media accounts and their email addresses, so they can send the pictures to friends and family. This is ideal for those who have family and friends worldwide who may not be able to attend their special day.

GIF Booths

While a picture can tell a thousand words, GIFs can bring the viewer into the action taking place at the wedding venue. Your guests can use the GIF booths to create moving images that showcase the event and present a story of how the event has unfolded. GIF booths can be connected to a local device so that you can quickly upload your gifs to your smartphone.

Guestbook Service

The addition of the guestbook to the wedding photobooth will allow your Toronto event guests to share their memories of their day with you for the years to come. The guestbook service is also ideal for those guests that might not be comfortable having their picture taken and who simply want to leave a nice message that the couple can take home and enjoy.

Turn to Best Wedding Backdrops for all photobooth options

Our team at Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs has decades of experience in the event marketplace and harnesses this experience to create magical memories of our clients’ wedding day events. To learn more about the full range of wedding photobooth options for your Toronto event, call our team now and book a consultation.

How to Use Mirror Wedding Decor Rentals

Our wedding mirror signs have become immensely popular across the marketplace in recent months as couples capitalize on the traditional appeal of the décor. It’s important you understand the many ways in which you can add to your event décor. And so within this latest post, we’ll explain how to harness our mirror rentals within your wedding décor.

wAs a welcome sign

Your guests’ attention will immediately be captured when you utilize a mirror within your welcome sign. The great advantage of this style of welcome sign is it gives your guests one last chance to check how they look before they enter the venue. It’s a great addition to the event for both the couple and your friends and family.

Order of events sign

It’s important that all guests travel throughout the venue according to the order of proceedings that you have planned to the very last detail. Turning your order of events sign into a mirrored sign is a great way to catch guests’ attention and will help to ensure the flow of the event is streamlined.

Menu sign

After the ceremony, your guests will be looking around for food options. The menu sign can be clearly highlighted by using mirror rentals within your wedding day décor. Make the menu a mirrored sign and you’ll see guests flock to the area ready for their delicious meals.

Cell phone free ceremony sign

The cell phone free ceremony sign is a critical consideration for an uninterrupted event. It’s a sign that allows all guests to enjoy the experience and to ensure that forgetful guests receive one last reminder to turn off their device ready for the ceremony to begin.

Date sign

Highlight the important dates within your relationship as part of your wedding décor rentals. Using the mirror can ensure that guests see the dates most important to your connection with your new wife/husband, whether it was the first date or the date on which she said “yes”.

Our team at Best Wedding Backdrops is here to provide the ideal wedding décor rentals for a perfect event. We offer a number of rental options for you to review. To learn more, contact us today.


Discover the Latest Wedding Ideas for your Event

The quality of the displays and the signage at your wedding event is of critical importance. You and your wedding party should work together to create signs that support a memorable event. But it’s often difficult to come up with the ideas for your wedding day signs. And so within this latest post, Best Wedding Backdrops presents several options and explains more about signs you might use at your ideas sigange

Please sign our guestbook

The Please Sign Our Guestbook sign ensures that everyone at the event knows that they should take the time to post their name and a message in the guestbook. The sign is an important consideration if the event involves many people and if the placement of the guestbook is not obvious for all attendees. The Please Sign Our Guestbook Sign could also include potential messages that loved ones can leave during the wedding event. It’s just one of the many ideas for wedding signs we can offer.

Choose a seat not a side

The Choose a Seat Not a Side sign is ideal for those wedding day events in which the couple’s loved ones will be blended with one another. In traditional weddings, the groom’s family and the bride’s family would be on either side of the aisle until the reception. But many couples are now choosing to have a joint celebration in which their family and friends are blended together to watch the ceremony. The Choose a Seat Not a Side sign is ideal for ensuring that the couple’s wishes are upheld.

wedding decor

Can I get a witness?

The Can I Get a Witness? sign is often used when the couple wishes for someone to sign their papers as a witness to make the wedding official. But in some cases, it could be used to drive attention to the area wedding photos are being taken.

In loving memory

To highlight the love felt for those that have passed away, who would have been part of this special day, many couples choose an In Loving Memory sign.

It’s important to follow the latest ideas and choose wedding signs built by expert craftspeople and designed by those with decades of experience. Turn to Best Wedding Backdrops for the highest quality in wedding sign design.

Three Fall Wedding Seating Chart Designs

Your wedding seating chart should be designed to match the ambiance of your wedding. And so it’s important that you work with experts such as our team at Best Wedding Backdrops to find the right seating chart. In this latest post, we’ll explore three of the leading wedding seating chart signage options.

wedding seating chart

Fall Leaves

The fall leaves wedding seating chart is the perfect choice for those autumnal weddings. Combining all the fall colours within a natural landscape, the seating chart design will captivate wedding guests and help bring a sense of prestige to your event. As an addition to the seating chart, you might consider working with younger family members using actual leaves as part of the design.

Pumpkin theme

The pumpkin theme is a great way to celebrate any autumn wedding event. The bright colour of the pumpkins can bring a happy tone to the proceedings and can help guests remember the times they’ve spent with loved ones carving pumpkins and celebrating the Halloween period.

Halloween theme

You might also find that choosing a design a little bit out of the ordinary can add a special touch to your wedding event. Why not use spooky designs to incorporate Halloween within your wedding day seating chart? The design can feature a number of elements, including ghosts and a haunted house style theme.

What to consider when choosing a seating chart

So now that you know a little more about the types of design available, it’s important that you take the time to consider your seating chart and how to choose the ideal chart for the upcoming event. Make sure you consider the following:

  • The material construction

The material used for the seating chart should be designed for durability and to resist food stains and other issues that might impact the information on the chart during the event. We offer a full range of signage materials, including acrylic, foamcore, and mirror options.

  • Delivery

When will the seating chart be delivered? Will be it be sent directly to the venue? These are each key questions to take into consideration. We can deliver your product to you for a small additional charge. It’s a convenient service to limit wasted travel time during a busy point in your life.

  • Total cost

How much is the total cost for the wedding seating chart? Consider the cost of delivery and the cost of updating the design to ensure it matches your wedding day ambiance.

A Guide to Three Unique Wedding Welcome Sign Ideas

Choosing a welcome sign for your wedding takes time. It’s important to ensure the sign is designed for the venue and for your own personalized style. Our team at Best Wedding Backdrops has decades of experience of designing wedding welcome sign products. And within this latest post, we’ll highlight three wedding welcome sign ideas.

wedding ideas

  1. Add your picture to the welcome sign

One of the best ways to make an immediate impression on the guests to your wedding is to add a picture of yourself and your spouse to the sign. You can also choose to add a handcrafted message to the display. Many couples choose the phrase “Welcome to Our Wedding!” or a similar message to ensure guests recognize the venue.


  1. Create a Collage

A collage is a great option for a welcome sign because it gives guests an immediate insight into the couple and their lives together. Guests are taken into the couple’s world before they enter the venue. The collage can also act as a meeting point for guests at the wedding, as many people will congregate around the area while looking at the photos and enjoying the couple’s memories.


  1. Add a cute expression

Oftentimes couples also choose to add a cute expression to your wedding welcome sign. It might be a phrase that one or both members of the couple are known for using or it might be a local saying that will help bring familiarity to the event. It’s important to work with others in the wedding party to consider potential ideas for this type of sign.


Why work with Best Wedding Backdrops?

 Our team at Best Wedding Backdrops is known for producing the highest quality wedding welcome sign options within the industry. We have decades of experience and an understanding of the challenges couples face when choosing their wedding sign products. It’s for this reason we’ve become the trusted specialist for wedding displays and décor across the region. To discover more about the complete selection of wedding welcome sign options available within our catalogue, please call our team today!


Wedding Ideas for Signage to Take to your Destination

In hosting a destination wedding, it’s important that you consider the type of décor that can be transported overseas. Working with a trusted provider of wedding decorations can help ensure the ideal options are found. Our team at Best Wedding Backdrops has significant experience and can help present you with numerous ideas for your destination wedding. In this latest post, we’ll explore some of the décor options available.

wedding table decorations, table numbers

Foamcore signage

Foamcore signage can be used to offer an eye-catching decoration for your destination wedding venue. Because the material is exceptionally lightweight and yet durable, it’s ideal for transporting overseas. Many are now choosing foamcore signage for their destination wedding and using their signs to direct guests within the venue and to highlight menu and bar options.

Seating charts

It can be confusing for some entering the venue if they aren’t able to navigate their way around the building and find their seat. Make sure that you consider ideas for the latest wedding seating chart options through our experienced team. We can help you plan for your destination wedding with seating charts directly designed for the environment.

Welcome signs

What better way to welcome your guests to the venue that with a high visibility sign? Make sure you consider the design style. Ensure the style fits with the venue and that it’s used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Another important element to consider is how easy the welcome sign is to see from a distance. Make sure the sign is designed for the highest quality aesthetics and for simple use at the venue.

Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs Offers Customized Options

Our team at Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs has helped hundreds of clients achieve their destination wedding goals with engaging ideas and captivating designs that transform the event space. Each of the signs and backdrops we produce can be manufactured for simple placement in bubble-wrap and easy transportation to your venue. We’re committed to helping you achieve the ideal designs for your venue and we’re available around the clock to guide you and answer your questions. Call us today to learn more about your full range of destination wedding décor options.

The Frames Available for Your Wedding Table Decorations

Wedding table decorations can bring together an arrangement and provide a personalized touch unique to the couple. It’s important table decorations at the wedding venue look their best and so we’re inviting you to explore our full range of frames. Within this post, we’ll provide an overview of the frames within our comprehensive selection.

wedding table decorations

Table Seating Numbers with Frames

One of the leading options for your upcoming wedding event is our Table Seating Numbers with Frames. These pieces add tasteful elegance to the wedding day. A leading benefit of working with our team at Best Wedding Backdrops is that we can customize our Table Seating Numbers with Frames by font, text, layout, and colour scheme for use within your specific event décor. This means you’ll have a piece that is entirely designed for your big day as well as for the event venue.

Vintage Frame

We also offer our vintage-style frame, which is designed for picture-perfect presentation of table numbers and small pictures during the event. The frame can be used to present a classical appeal to your table numbers and to blend perfectly within a traditional venue setting. It’s an example of the outstanding options now available through our experienced team.

Rent or Buy through Best Wedding Backdrops

One of the top reasons that so many couples are now turning to Best Wedding Backdrops for their wedding table decorations is that we can offer decorations for rent or for purchase. Those who are organizing multiple events in the coming months may wish to purchase frames to consolidate their total costs. While a couple organizing their ideal wedding can choose the rental option to save money and find that one of a kind piece of décor for their important day.

It’s important to work with a display company that understands the value of aesthetics during a wedding event. Our team at Best Wedding Backdrops has decades of experience within the wedding displays industry, and we’re available around the clock to help guide you in choosing décor for your event. To learn more about the full range of options available, call us today.

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