November, 2017 | Best Wedding Backdrops
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November, 2017 | Best Wedding Backdrops

Five Winter Wedding Walls You Could Have At Your Wedding

Wednesday, November 29th   – There’s something special about a winter wedding.  No time of year is quite so picturesque and evocative, particularly if you’re living somewhere that winter wonderlands are the norm.

Of course, no one actually wants to have a wedding outdoors during the winter if they can help it, which can make it difficult to really make the winter part of your wedding.  However, wedding walls in Toronto can make all the difference!  The right wedding walls can bring that wintery feeling indoors, to ensure your winter wedding looks the part – but without the cold and wet.

5 Great Winter Wedding Walls in Toronto to Include At Your Service

  1. Snow and Snowflakes

It’s a classic, to be sure, but one that never entirely gets old.  The beauty of recent snow, and of individual snowflakes, has inspired romance for thousands of years.  A lovely snow-covered landscape, with frozen fractals all around, can work beautifully with just about any traditional-style wedding decor that’s heavy on whites and yellows to make your wedding look extra wintery.

  1. Winter Scenery

There’s no shortage of amazing sights to see in the winter, particularly out in the country.  From frozen lakes to majestic mountains to even fantasy vistas of ice castles, you could bring any or all of it into your wedding to create absolutely amazing wedding backdrops for photographs.  Even better, modern high-resolution digital printing means you could be working off either artwork or a photographic source, and the end result would look great either way.

  1. Christmas

Sure, there’s a pretty short window of time where a Christmas-themed wedding would be appropriate – but if you’re already having your wedding around Christmastime, why not go all the way with it?  The right wedding walls can turn your wedding into a whimsical wonderland full of presents, decorated trees, or maybe even the North Pole workshop – and all without having to pay the elves overtime.

  1. Evergreens, Ivy, and Berries

Don’t want to have too much white on your wedding walls, but also want to be a bit more grown-up than a Christmas theme?  Draw from nature.  Make a backdrop that’s primarily browns and greens, taken from the winter foliage, with some red berries thrown in for extra color.  It would be classy and tasteful, while still being properly themed.

  1. Island Paradise

Hey, it doesn’t snow everywhere!  Nothing says you have to totally embrace the snowy aesthetic just because you’re having a winter wedding.  Throw the season out the window and use your wedding walls to bring some tropical warmth to your wedding and reception instead.  Depending on how snowy it’s been, your guests might even like having a different view to look at.

Best Wedding Backdrops Brings You the Best Wedding Walls in Toronto

From small stand-ups for pictures to massive thirty-foot head table backdrops setting the scene, Best Wedding Backdrops can create amazing full-color/high-resolution wedding walls that totally personalize your wedding.  Contact us today to learn more about everything we can do!

Spice up Your Wedding Décor with a Custom bar Menu Sign

Thursday, November 23rd     – One popular piece of wedding décor, that will appeal to adults of all ages attending the ceremony, is a custom bar menu sign.  At just about any wedding, the bar will be one of the most popular stops for your guests, so you can spice it up with a custom bar sign that helps ensure the bar still feels like part of the overall design.

Even better, since your choices in custom-printed wedding décor and signage are virtually unlimited, the sky is really the limit.  You could create a wholly original bar menu sign that your guests will love, while also ensuring they know the best food or drinks to order during the reception.

Four Ways to Make Your Bar Menu Sign into Something Special

  1. The Classic Pub-Style Chalkboard

Chalkboard-themed decorations are popular at weddings anyway, and everyone will instantly recognize the traditional look in your bar menu sign.  Plus, the basic design leaves you plenty of room to include lots of drinks or food options without being pressed for space.

Even better, with modern printing techniques you can create a sign that looks like a chalkboard, but without the dusty mess a real chalkboard can create.  (And all your guests in black pants will appreciate it!)

  1. Pictorial Menu

Do you plan to have your bar stocked with a lot of different-colored liquors?  Have a menu that’s based in pictures.  This could have a hand-drawn look, like colored chalk, or simply include pictures of the various liquors in shot glasses.  It’s also a great option if you’ll be offering shot-based cocktails, since they often look as good as they taste.  (Or better.)

Make it with captions if you like or just let people choose based on what looks good.

  1. His & Hers Drinks

Another great option that people love when they want their wedding to be extra-personalized is a “His & Hers Drinks” sign.  This lets the bride and groom both show off their own favorite cocktails.  It’s also a good option when you don’t want to pay for dozens of bottles behind the bar, since it limits the drink choices.  It’s a particularly good choice if you happen to have your own signature drinks, or especially if they’re of your own devising.

  1. Art Deco

Looking to be a bit more upscale?  No one ever went wrong choosing Deco designs for their restaurant or bar!  A deco-style sign screams “class” and is always a real eye-catcher.  It would work especially well if you planned on stocking your bar with equally-classic cocktails like Manhattans, real Martinis, and other drinks.

Bonus Idea – Acrylic Bar Menu Sign

Another amazing option to consider is using an acrylic bar menu sign. Let your guests know what the bar options are with this 17”w x 11.5”h selection. You can easily use our acrylic option, or provide us with your own if you wish.

Best Wedding Backdrops Can Create the Wedding Décor of Your Dreams

With high-tech in-house design and printing facilities, and over thirty years’ experience creating custom graphics and signs, Best Wedding Backdrops can make your dream wedding décor into a reality – no matter what your dream is. Our vivid colors and high-resolution art will ensure your guests are totally dazzled! Contact us today to discuss your design ideas.

A Rental Wedding Backdrop In Toronto Can Fit Any Themed Wedding!

Wednesday, November 15th  – It’s becoming more and more popular to use a wedding backdrop in Toronto weddings, to improve the look of a room or help tie a theme together.  The problem is, custom wedding backdrops can be a bit expensive, and not everyone has the budget for one.

Luckily, there’s an alternative – rented wedding backdrops!  A rented backdrop might not be quite as personalized, but it’ll still look great.  We have a number of different backdrops, specifically so that they can fit into as many themes as possible.  Plus, we’re continually expanding our range of rentals so that we can help the largest number of people possible add great visuals to their wedding.

No matter what you’re planning, Best Wedding Backdrops probably has a rented backdrop that can fit in perfectly.

A Rented Wedding Backdrop in Toronto Can Affordably Improve Your Wedding’s Look

  1. Vintage Frames

This is one of our own favorites.  The “vintage frames” backdrop features a wood-panel background, with a number of vintage-style picture frames scattered around it.  This would be a great option for any wedding with a rustic/country theme, or potentially also one with a 19th Century Victorian feel.  If you were careful, you could even add pictures or messages within the picture frames.

  1. Modern Love

A fantastic rental backdrop is “modern love,” with a white heart outlined in flowers and several “Love is … ” messages contained within.  The black-and-white striped background allows it to fit into a variety of settings, although we tend to recommend it for chic/modern weddings.   The flowery setting also makes it a bit rococo. 

  1. Rose Garden

If you want to emphasize how romantic -and pink- your wedding is, the “rose garden” backdrop is our most popular choice.  It’s simply a top-down shot of hundreds of white and pink blooming roses.  This backdrop works well with traditional white/pink/yellow color schemes, and helps the bride & groom stand out.

  1. Chalkboard Notes

Chalkboard-style signage and walls are really popular in modern trendy weddings, so we have a ‘chalkboard notes’ backdrop to match!   It has the look of a chalkboard which hasn’t been entirely cleaned, with organic white smears.  Like the ‘vintage frames’ backdrop, you could potentially add onto it if you’re careful.

  1. Rustic Winter

Finally, our newest backdrop is here for the season – ‘rustic winter’.   It’s white snowflakes and snow against a neutral wood background, and absolutely perfect for making your winter wedding feels appropriately snowy.  Or combine it with the ‘vintage frames’ for even more rustic appeal!

Get An Affordable Rental Wedding Backdrop In Toronto!

Best Wedding Backdrops offers rental backdrops that look just as nice as custom printed jobs.  Contact us today to discuss pricing and optional features!

4 Ideas for a Custom Order of Events Sign for Your Toronto Wedding

Tuesday, November 7th  – There is no shortage of options for wedding signage in Toronto, and there’s certainly no reason to clutter up your wedding with each and every possible piece of signage you could have.  However, there are certain signs that almost any wedding should have, and one of these is an Order of Events sign.

Unless your wedding is going to be extremely small and informal, an Order of Events sign is an extremely useful piece of wedding signage in Toronto which can help your wedding and/or reception go much more smoothly.  After all, it keeps everyone on the same page, and tells everyone where they need to be at all times for the festivities.  It’s a basic piece of signage that’s incredibly useful, which is why it’s so commonly seen.

However, just because the Order of Events sign is ubiquitous, that doesn’t mean it needs to be boring!  Here are some ways a custom Order of Events sign can spice up your wedding.

Four Hot Ideas for Custom Order of Events Signs

  1. The Chalkboard Look

There’s something so nostalgic about chalkboards, harkening back to a pre-digital time when handiwork mattered.  A chalkboard-style Order of Events sign can fit into a wide variety of retro-themed weddings seamlessly while adding a quaint touch.  However, trying to use an actual chalkboard at a wedding is not a good idea.  It’s too easily smeared (or deliberately altered) and woe be to anyone wearing black who brushes up against it.

A custom sign made to look like a chalkboard achieves the same nostalgic effect, without the mess.

  1. The Signup Sheet

An Order of Events sign can actually be multi-functional!  Are you going to have a rental photo booth at your wedding, or other items/activities which may need to be scheduled?  Make that part of the Order of Events.  Leave space for guests to reserve time at the photo booth so that there’s never a fight over who gets to use it.

  1. The Horizontal Themed Timeline

Another great variation we’ve seen lately is to make custom Order of Events signs which are horizontally-oriented, and lay out like a timeline.  This is nice because it leaves more room for custom art and graphics, like pictograms depicting each of the activities.  This can make it a lot more interesting than a simple vertical list.

  1. List of Photographic Tips

We came across this one on Pinterest and absolutely loved the concept – a sign listing off ideas for photographs that guests can take throughout the wedding.  This could easily be combined into an Order of Events sign to make the sign informative AND add to the fun of your wedding by keeping your photographically-inclined guests busy.

Get Great Custom Wedding Signage in Toronto from Best Wedding Backdrops

We have extensive on-site design and printing facilities that can make your custom designs into reality, no matter how detailed or complicated – and with brilliant high-resolution imagery.  Contact us today to learn more!


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