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4 Ideas for a Custom Order of Events Sign for Your Toronto Wedding

Tuesday, November 7th  – There is no shortage of options for wedding signage in Toronto, and there’s certainly no reason to clutter up your wedding with each and every possible piece of signage you could have.  However, there are certain signs that almost any wedding should have, and one of these is an Order of Events sign.

Unless your wedding is going to be extremely small and informal, an Order of Events sign is an extremely useful piece of wedding signage in Toronto which can help your wedding and/or reception go much more smoothly.  After all, it keeps everyone on the same page, and tells everyone where they need to be at all times for the festivities.  It’s a basic piece of signage that’s incredibly useful, which is why it’s so commonly seen.

However, just because the Order of Events sign is ubiquitous, that doesn’t mean it needs to be boring!  Here are some ways a custom Order of Events sign can spice up your wedding.

Four Hot Ideas for Custom Order of Events Signs

  1. The Chalkboard Look

There’s something so nostalgic about chalkboards, harkening back to a pre-digital time when handiwork mattered.  A chalkboard-style Order of Events sign can fit into a wide variety of retro-themed weddings seamlessly while adding a quaint touch.  However, trying to use an actual chalkboard at a wedding is not a good idea.  It’s too easily smeared (or deliberately altered) and woe be to anyone wearing black who brushes up against it.

A custom sign made to look like a chalkboard achieves the same nostalgic effect, without the mess.

  1. The Signup Sheet

An Order of Events sign can actually be multi-functional!  Are you going to have a rental photo booth at your wedding, or other items/activities which may need to be scheduled?  Make that part of the Order of Events.  Leave space for guests to reserve time at the photo booth so that there’s never a fight over who gets to use it.

  1. The Horizontal Themed Timeline

Another great variation we’ve seen lately is to make custom Order of Events signs which are horizontally-oriented, and lay out like a timeline.  This is nice because it leaves more room for custom art and graphics, like pictograms depicting each of the activities.  This can make it a lot more interesting than a simple vertical list.

  1. List of Photographic Tips

We came across this one on Pinterest and absolutely loved the concept – a sign listing off ideas for photographs that guests can take throughout the wedding.  This could easily be combined into an Order of Events sign to make the sign informative AND add to the fun of your wedding by keeping your photographically-inclined guests busy.

Get Great Custom Wedding Signage in Toronto from Best Wedding Backdrops

We have extensive on-site design and printing facilities that can make your custom designs into reality, no matter how detailed or complicated – and with brilliant high-resolution imagery.  Contact us today to learn more!


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