December, 2017 | Best Wedding Backdrops
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December, 2017 | Best Wedding Backdrops

Wedding Backdrop Ideas for Making the Most of Your Backdrop

Wednesday, December 27th   – A great wedding backdrop can be an incredibly versatile and effective piece of decor for your wedding… when used correctly.  Obviously, when dealing with a decoration which is so big, some thought needs to be put into both its design and its implementation.

Today, we wanted to discuss some wedding backdrop ideas that will help ensure you can make the most of your investment and totally wow your guests!

Four Wedding Backdrop Ideas That Will Make Your Backdrop Shine

  1. Don’t order a backdrop until you’ve settled on a venue.

Wedding backdrops are big.  Even the smallest are in the 8’x8′ range, and a reception table backdrop could easily be 30 feet wide – or more!  Size truly matters here, and you don’t want to end up with a backdrop that’s too small or large for your needs.

  1. Match the backdrop colors/design to the space.

Beyond physical size questions, the other reason you want to wait until you have a venue is that your backdrop design will almost assuredly be influenced by the location.  If the walls of the venue are a strong color, for example, you’ll want your backdrop to be complementary – after all, it’s probably going to be as big as a wall.

You may even want the backdrop to cover up a wall you don’t like, or otherwise block the view of something you don’t want in your wedding.  This, too, can only be determined after settling on a venue.

  1. Make sure the backdrop isn’t blocking anything important. 

At the risk of harping on the “a wedding backdrop is big” angle, you will also want to make sure it’s only blocking those things you want to be blocked.  If misplaced, it could easily block access to corridors, cover up decor, or otherwise interfere with the wedding.  Plan, and plan carefully, to be certain the backdrop will only add to your ceremony, rather than taking away.

  1. Partition your space.

On the other hand, the size of a typical wedding backdrop could work in your favor.  If you’re dealing with an exceptionally large space, like a dance hall, a double-sided backdrop could work extremely well as a partition carving one huge room into two smaller spaces.

In this case, you’d want a backdrop which was large enough to block the view of the other side but still left room at either end for people to walk past.  For example, if you only had one huge space to work with, this could be a great way to partition off your entryway and receiving area from the rest of the reception.  Or, perhaps, it could be used to partition off the bar if you’re worried about drinkers getting rowdy.

Turn to Best Wedding Backdrops for Backdrop Ideas!

Best Wedding Backdrops has over thirty years’ experience designing great custom decor, with our own excellent on-site printing facilities.  No matter how creative your dream wedding is, we can make it happen!

Need more wedding backdrop ideas or suggestions?  Just contact us!


It’s the Little Touches That Make Wedding Reception Backdrops Shine

Thursday, December 21st – A wedding reception backdrop can easily be one of the most amazing and eye-catching pieces of décor you could add to your ceremonies – particularly if it’s a full head table backdrop that stretches from one end of the room to the other.  Wedding backdrops are big enough to truly set the scene or to tie your entire set of wedding design ideas together.

However, wedding reception backdrops can also go further.  Items can be added to them, or around them, which enhance the experience even more.  When properly accessorized, reception backdrops go beyond mere pieces of décor to being a vibrant and highly-memorable part of the wedding!

If you’re wanting to take your wedding reception backdrops over the top into being something truly unique and special, here are some tips.

Four Ways to Spice Up the Reception Backdrop at Your Wedding

  1. Props

Why have a flat backdrop?  If you have a theme which supports it, adding props and other items which are physically attached to the backdrop could be an amazing way to give it extra flair, texture, and visual appeal.  For example, one of our most popular backdrop options at the moment has printed picture frames incorporated into the design.  You could easily take that a step further by including actual picture frames, popping out of the display and making it look truly three-dimensional.

Nature scenes would also be a good fit.  If you have flowers or leaves printed on your backdrop, add some real life foliage as well!

  1. Instagram Frames

Are you throwing a wedding with a lot of socially-minded people?  Take it to the next level!  You could include a frame around your backdrop that makes it look like an Instagram post.  Or style it around your own favorite social media site.  Either way, the mix of real life and online design elements would give your wedding a cool connected vibe.

  1. Matching Signs Around the Reception

If you’re concerned about the backdrop standing out too much and want to ensure it feels like a cohesive part of your wedding, utilize wedding signs with the same design.  With modern printing techniques, it’s simple to copy the design of the backdrop into miniaturized versions for your bar sign, seating chart, and so forth.

That will ensure everything comes together nicely, particularly in wide-angle photographs.

  1. Hand Decoration

Don’t forget about the potential in getting hands-on.  When you’re working with your own custom backdrop, it’s yours to do with as you please.  Use pens, ink, paint, or whatever else you like to spruce it up and add a real “handcrafted” touch.

You could even turn this one into an activity for guests.  For example, instead of a guestbook, have guests sign your backdrop instead while adding some color or artwork to it.

Create an Amazing Wedding with Best Wedding Backdrops

Our custom wedding reception backdrops are of the highest quality, printed on superior fabric with eye-popping digital color.  Contact us today for an estimate on your custom order!

Great Dance Floor Decals for Your Winter Wedding

Tuesday, December 5th – Dance floor decals are kind of a “secret weapon” when it comes to dressing up your wedding, particularly if you’re in a space with a bare or uninteresting floor.  Guests might not even notice the decals consciously, but they’ll still register as part of the space and help really set the mood.

Better yet, modern dance floor decals can be custom-printed as large as 10×10 and are extremely easy to apply and remove – without leaving any glue behind!  They can be stuck onto virtually any flooring surface aside from carpeting and should be fine for nearly any rented space.  (Just be sure to check your renter’s agreement to ensure they aren’t prohibited by the building owner.)

So, if you’re planning on a winter wedding, let’s talk about some dance floor decals that fit the theme!

Ideas for Great Winter Wedding Floor Decals

  • Initials in white/blue

One of the most popular ideas for floor decals at weddings is to have the couple’s initials printed on a very large decal, usually surrounded by either a circle or a heart.  Well, this idea can be easily adapted to fit a winter wedding!  Just pick a nice wintery color scheme, with plenty of whites and blues.  The initials will really ‘pop’ out of the floor, while it still fits with your overall wintertime theme.

  • Snowflakes

Sure, it’s obvious – but that doesn’t mean it’s bad.  Snowflakes are among the most gorgeous things on earth, and with modern high-resolution digital printing, your dance floor snowflakes could look amazing.  Some giant flakes scattered around the dance floor would really add to the overall vibe.

  • Winter forest theme 

This would require close coordination between your walls and your floor, but it’d be spectacular if you pulled it off.  Give your walls a winter forest theme, then carry it through with floor decals of the snowy forest floor.  White powder, footprints from animals like deer, some leaves…  It would be totally amazing, and guarantee your guests were talking about your wedding design for a long time!

  • Ice Capades 

Rather than snow, why not ice?  This could be a fun decal theme because the floor might look slippery, but it’d be totally safe. For a more visual flare, add some grooves to make it look like skaters had been on the ice – or maybe frost patterns, like they were left by the ice fairies from Disney’s Fantasia.

Best Wedding Backdrops Can Make Your Wedding Come Alive!

At Best Wedding Backdrops, we aren’t your usual wedding décor company!  We have more than thirty years’ experience creating custom designs and graphics for a wide range of public appearances, exhibitions, parties, and other ceremonies.  On top of that, we have our own cutting-edge digital printing facilities in-house.

If you want a custom wedding theme, we can truly make your dreams come true.  From backdrops on the walls to decals on the floor, you could have a wedding like none other.

Contact us today to talk about our custom services!


Great Uses for Pictures from a Wedding Photo Booth in Toronto

Wednesday, December 13th – It’s becoming increasingly popular to include a wedding photo booth in Toronto receptions – and why not?   People love taking pictures, and a photo booth gives guests a way to get creative.  They’re also a good way to keep kids and teenagers entertained at a ceremony that might otherwise bore them.

Of course, this leaves the question of what to do with all the pictures produced by the photo booth.  Depending on which rental options you pick, you could have a whole bunch of leftover physical pictures, and/or a huge digital library.  You might even have a bunch of animated GIFs if you went for the ‘video photo’ booth.

So, let’s consider ideas for making the most of this bounty of pictures!


Four Ways to Use the Pictures from Your Wedding Photo Booth in Toronto

  1. Decorate Your Guestbook

Your guestbook is already going to be one of your treasured mementos from the wedding – but pictures can make it so much better!  You could also make this an official activity at your reception – have all your guests take a picture to include in the guestbook along with their signature.  Or maybe even ditch the traditional signature lines entirely and have everyone “sign” with a photograph instead!

A guestbook will always be one-of-a-kind, but this would be a great way to make yours truly unique.

  1. Make A Collage

Here’s another idea that you could either do after the wedding or turn into an event for your guests.  Make a big wall-sized collage of the pictures!  It’s something that would grow organically over the course of the day/evening (and probably over the course of many drinks) to become a totally original piece of artwork by the end of the festivities.

  1. Pinterest or Imgur Albums

If you’re getting digital copies of all your photo booth pictures, the sky is the limit in terms of what you could do with them.  One great option is to make an album out of them, on a site such as Pinterest or Imgur.  It’d be a quirky, unique way to document your wedding online for all to see.  Plus, by storing the images online on cloud servers, you’ll be helping to preserve them – it’s good insurance against something happening to the physical photos.

  1. Personalized Thank-You Cards

Sending out thank-you cards after a wedding is always something of an annoying chore, but this could spice it up.  With enough pictures on hand from the wedding photo booth in Toronto, or printed out -on nice paper- from digital copies, you could truly personalize your thank-you with pictures of the participants.  It’d also be a nice little reminder for them of the fun they had at your wedding.

(Just make sure to get the right pictures on the right cards!)

Spice Up Your Weddings with Best Wedding Backdrops

We have a huge range of backdrops, custom printed items, decals, photo booths, and other ways to make your wedding totally you.  Contact us today to learn more!


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