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Wedding Backdrop Ideas for Making the Most of Your Backdrop

Wednesday, December 27th – A great wedding backdrop can be an incredibly versatile and effective piece of decor for your wedding… when used correctly.  Obviously, when dealing with a decoration which is so big, some thought needs to be put into both its design and its implementation.

Today, we wanted to discuss some wedding backdrop ideas that will help ensure you can make the most of your investment and totally wow your guests!

Four Wedding Backdrop Ideas That Will Make Your Backdrop Shine

  1. Don’t order a backdrop until you’ve settled on a venue.

Wedding backdrops are big. Even the smallest are in the 8’x8′ range, and a reception table backdrop could easily be 30 feet wide – or more!  Size truly matters here, and you don’t want to end up with a backdrop that’s too small or large for your needs.

  1. Match the backdrop colors/design to the space.

Beyond physical size questions, the other reason you want to wait until you have a venue is that your backdrop design will almost assuredly be influenced by the location.  If the walls of the venue are a strong color, for example, you’ll want your backdrop to be complementary – after all, it’s probably going to be as big as a wall.

You may even want the backdrop to cover up a wall you don’t like, or otherwise block the view of something you don’t want in your wedding.  This, too, can only be determined after settling on a venue.

  1. Make sure the backdrop isn’t blocking anything important. 

At the risk of harping on the “a wedding backdrop is big” angle, you will also want to make sure it’s only blocking those things you want to be blocked.  If misplaced, it could easily block access to corridors, cover up decor, or otherwise interfere with the wedding.  Plan, and plan carefully, to be certain the backdrop will only add to your ceremony, rather than taking away.

  1. Partition your space.

On the other hand, the size of a typical wedding backdrop could work in your favor.  If you’re dealing with an exceptionally large space, like a dance hall, a double-sided backdrop could work extremely well as a partition carving one huge room into two smaller spaces.

In this case, you’d want a backdrop which was large enough to block the view of the other side but still left room at either end for people to walk past.  For example, if you only had one huge space to work with, this could be a great way to partition off your entryway and receiving area from the rest of the reception.  Or, perhaps, it could be used to partition off the bar if you’re worried about drinkers getting rowdy.

Turn to Best Wedding Backdrops for Backdrop Ideas!

Best Wedding Backdrops has over thirty years’ experience designing great custom decor, with our own excellent on-site printing facilities.  No matter how creative your dream wedding is, we can make it happen!

Need more wedding backdrop ideas or suggestions? Just contact us!


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