December, 2019 | Best Wedding Backdrops
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December, 2019 | Best Wedding Backdrops

Get Wedding Backdrop Ideas by Visiting us at Canada’s Bridal Show!


Dec. 31, 2019 – Toronto, Canada – Couples, wedding and event planners, and more will all find something special at Canada’s Bridal Show in 2020. With hundreds of exhibitors and products on display, it’s easy to pick up unique wedding backdrop ideas or find that special table setup that’s missing from your plan.

But that’s not the only thing to find at this Canada’s Bridal Show, being held at the Metro Toronto Convention Center Jan. 10-12, 2020.

The convention will keep attendees busy all weekend long, with events like fashion shows, demonstrations, and more than 300 exhibitors. Stop by the Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs booth for a special chance to win a Foamcore Signage Package that includes a wedding seating chart, wedding welcome sign, and bar menu sign. Bouncing wedding backdrop ideas off our staff is also a great way to come up with some unique inspiration. We’ll be showcasing all of our products, including our dance floor decals, welcome signs, table seating charts, Instagram frames, and much more.

Canada’s Bridal Show is taking place in the North Building of the Metro Convention Center from Friday, Jan. 10, 5 – 10 p.m.; Saturday, Jan. 11, 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.; and Sunday, Jan. 12, from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Tickets are $20 per person, per day. For more information visit

Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs

Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs is a division of Best Displays & Graphics, based out of Markham, Ontario, Canada. For the past 30 years, we’ve been a leader in providing a variety of wedding decor items and quality products with a high level of customer service. For more information about our services or Canada’s Bridal Show, contact us online at or call (647) 242-7377.

Help Your Wedding Stand Out with A Custom Wedding Bar Menu Sign

Signage isn’t always the first thing people think about when planning for a wedding or reception, but signs are actually a great way to help give your event personality.  Well-made signs are informative and useful as signs, but they can also carry through the theme of your wedding and show off your personality at the same time.  In particular, a wedding bar menu sign offers plenty of opportunity to make your wedding just a bit more special.

Here are just a few ways to get the most from these under-appreciated signs.

Four Great Ways to Spice Up Your Wedding Bar Menu Sign

  1. Match the sign to your design theme

One of the simplest ways to ensure your signs feel like they fit in at the wedding is to utilize the same basic design as your invitations.  That ensures they match the overall theme.

That said, bar signs have a bit more room to have personality.  They don’t necessarily have to have the exact same theme.

  1. Include your own cocktails

Have you ever invented your own drink?  A wedding is the perfect place to show it off.  You can make sure the sign clearly shows who created the drinks being served.  Or, do a “his and hers” cocktail duo so that your favorite drinks are front and center.  Either way, this is a perfect opportunity to insert a bit of yourself into the design.

  1. Acrylic bar signs really stand out

Want something a bit different than the typical stand-up menu sign?  Go acrylic!  These clear signs are instant eye-catchers, and immediately make the bar area feel a bit fancier.  Better yet, acrylic signs can still incorporate colorful graphics and any sort of font, so they’ll still be able to fit in with the overall design.

Plus, a custom acrylic bar sign is a wonderful keepsake of the wedding, or something you might be able to reuse in a home bar.

  1. Add space for signatures

Want a very special guestbook?  Let people add their autograph to your bar signs when they order a drink.  You’ll undoubtedly get a very interesting collection of thoughts and messages!

Act Now for Your Own Free Wedding Bar Menu Sign

For a limited time, if you purchase one 3’x4′ foamcore table seating chart and one 2’x3′ foamcore welcome sign, you’ll receive a 8″x11″ foamcore bar menu sign for free! Offer ends January 3rd, 2020.  Contact us to learn more!


Why Everyone Loves Photo Booths at Holiday Parties

Are you looking for an attraction to add to your holiday party that everyone will love?  Rent a photo booth so your guests can load their fun pictures to Instagram! People of all ages can’t resist photo booths, particularly when there’s a fun selection of backdrops and items to take shots with.  Whether your party is at home, the office, or anywhere else… a photo booth is a great addition.

Four Reasons Why Photo Booths Are Perfect for Parties and Instagram

  1. A fun way to cut loose

Photo booths give people instant permission to have fun and be wacky – and when you rent the booth, they can have as much fun as they want!  It encourages people’s silly side, in a totally harmless environment.

Plus, the photo booths come with an attendant who will make sure everything goes smoothly.

  1. Easy uploading

Today’s photobooths aren’t like the ones from the 80s that only deliver tiny little picture strips.  Modern photobooths are online-ready and will instantly upload pictures to password-protected albums where guests can download the pics for free.  Or, add on a social media Instant Sharing Station so that the pics can be uploaded directly to people’s Instagram, Facebook, or other social account.

  1. Give kids something to do

Are there likely to be kids at the party?  If so, they may be bored and disruptive if there aren’t enough activities they enjoy.  Photo booths are a great way to distract the kids and keep them from bothering the adults who are trying to have fun.  Plus, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy seeing the pictures they make.

  1. Backdrops and props encourage creativity

There’s no limit to how many backdrops and props could be used along with the photo booth, so that opens up even more opportunities for your friends, family, co-workers, or anyone else to really get into the spirit of things.  For holiday parties, the themes and decorations suggest themselves.  Go all in on the season!  Or, go in the other direction, and bring in warm backdrops\props that take people’s minds off the cold winter.

Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs Has the Party Rentals You Need

We aren’t just a wedding service – we have a large collection of booths, signs, and other features that make any party a success!  Everyone loves online photos, so why not add an Instagram Frame to your event?  Purchase our 2’x3′ Foamcore Instagram Frame for only $65.00 +HST.  Custom designs and sizes available!

Contact our team to learn more.

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