September, 2017 | Best Wedding Backdrops
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September, 2017 | Best Wedding Backdrops

4 Reasons to Get Your Wedding Photo Booth in Toronto from Best Wedding Backdrops

October 26th, – Having a wedding photo booth in Toronto is all the rage, and it’s easy to see why.  People love taking pictures, they love opportunities to express themselves, and they love getting a final product they can share with all their friends.  They’re also excellent entertainment for people of all ages, and that can be important at weddings where there are going to be kids around.  Photo booths are something they can have fun with, without adults constantly shooing them away.

Now, of course, no one buys a wedding photo booth – there’s no point when they’re easily rented for an afternoon or evening.  And there are plenty of options in rentals.  So why should you rent a wedding photo booth from Best Wedding Backdrops?

Why Best Wedding Backdrops Should Be Your Source for A Wedding Photo Booth in Toronto

  1. A clean, modern look.

Our photo booths are new, slick, and modernized.  A lot of other places are renting out photo booths that, well, they’ve been around a bit.  Like since the 90s.  They can tend to stick out like a sore thumb, and you definitely don’t want that at your wedding.  Our booths are minimalist enough not to detract from your overall décor and can fit in almost anywhere.

  1. High tech options.

Since our photo booths are state-of-the-art, that also means we can incorporate features many other photo booths lack.  For example, ours can instantly publish to social media so that you don’t even have to take the time to import the pictures into your social feed.  Or, you could get an upgrade which adds animated GIF support – just the thing for making wedding pictures with a lot more visual appeal.

  1. Professional staffing.

One of the most common questions we hear is, “Do we have to operate the photo booth ourselves?”  The answer is ‘no!’  We always provide clean and professional staff to help operate the booth and – if necessary – ensure proper usage by any guests who are over-enthusiastic.  (Or over-served.)  They will always treat your guests politely and ensure a great time is had by all.

They’ll also handle the setup and tear-down as well, so you don’t have to stress about that part.

  1. Extensive personalization options.

One thing you can’t get from most other options for renting a wedding photo booth in Toronto is our range of personalized props, signs, cutouts, and backdrops.  We have printing services on site that can print just about anything you like, including extensive custom background work.  Your photo booth can produce pictures which are truly yours and could only have come from your wedding!

Get Top Custom Wedding Décor and Supplies from Best Wedding Backdrops

We have decades of experience creating fantastic custom décor, signs, floor decals and more, for a wide variety of events.  Beyond our printing and photo booth rental services, we can also handle aspects of your wedding including logistics and layout.  Basically, we could do almost everything besides catering – at big savings to you! Contact Best Wedding Backdrops today to learn how much we offer!

Creative Design Ideas to Incorporate into Your Head Table Backdrop

head table backdrop

Wedding head table at the banquet hall, with wedding cake.

One of the single most impressive and dramatic decorative pieces you could add to a wedding is undoubtedly a head table backdrop.  Stretching the length of your head table, this backdrop truly sets the stage.  After all, it’s going to be as large as a piece of theatrical set dressing.

However, that puts extra pressure on the piece to be extra special and distinctive, as well as having decorations on it which properly make use of all the room.  After all, a typical backdrop could be anywhere from 16 to 32 feet across.  You need some big, bold designs to make sure it stands out and does its job framing the bride, groom, and their most treasured guests. Take a look at our Best Wedding Backdrop head table ideas.

Ways to Make for A Distinct Head Table Backdrop

  1. Copy your invitation design.

For those who are looking to have a very clear design scheme running throughout their wedding, one of the easiest options is to make the head table backdrop copy the invitation design.  The design work on an invitation is creating a frame around the text of the invite and, in the same way, the backdrop will be creating a frame around your head table.

  1. Match the other signage.

In some cases, the design of the invitation will carry over into the signage as well.  However, if it doesn’t, then it’d be a good idea to match the other signs instead.  The same principle applies – the backdrop simply becomes an extension of your overall design style carried through the entire space.  It’s simple and seamless and ensures your head table backdrop is guaranteed to fit in.

  1. Black with white highlights, like snowflakes or stars.

Black at my wedding?  It’s more common than you think!  The issue with having a white backdrop is that it’s very easy for the bride to become visually lost within the backdrop, particularly in pictures.  A black backdrop with tasteful white highlights actually works better than you might expect, and ensures the bride is always easy to see, even in shots taken from far away.

(Yes, the groom is probably wearing a black tux, but he won’t be in all black so he’s easier to see.)

  1. Use your wedding cake design.

Are you wanting a more colorful backdrop?  Match your cake!  This can be particularly fun, since you’ve got a choice of whether to copy the look of the cake in profile, or from the top down.  Either way, you’ll get a wider variety of colors and the backdrop will still look like it matches with other elements of the wedding.

  1. Go wild!

Honestly, if there’s a “rule” to weddings right now, it’s that nearly all the rules are getting thrown out the window.  If the backdrop doesn’t totally clash with your other designs, you could have it look like almost anything you want.  Rather than being a traditionalist, make it wild and crazy to emphasize how unique your wedding is!

Then to make your custom head table backdrop a reality, just contact Best Wedding Backdrops!


Incorporating Colour Into Your Wedding Dance Floor Decals

Some truly impressive pieces of wedding decoration -which can cost less than you might expect- are wedding dance floor decals.  These can take a relatively plain floor and make it something special, that compliments your overall design scheme and really brings the room together.  Even better, modern vinyl decals can be created with glues that never leave residue and can be used on virtually any flooring aside from carpet.  So, no matter the space, there’s probably an option in wedding dance floor decals that will work.

That just leaves the question of design, and the sky is the limit.  Floor decals can be custom-printed in high-quality digital facilities, so they can look like whatever you want them to.  The thing is, most people tend to make their floor decals fairly plain – sticking with a “safe” black-and-white colour scheme.

If you really want your wedding dance floor decals to be something special, add a little colour.  Or even a lot of colour!

Making A Splash with Colourful Dance Floor Decals at Your Wedding

  1. Gold

If there’s one colour besides white which will never be out of place at a wedding, it’s gold – the colour of your wedding rings.  (Probably.)  As such, gold can be used as a classy, classic accent colour on pretty much any floor decal design.  Whether you’re using literal gold rings in the design, or just adding golden flourishes, it’s virtually guaranteed to match and make your dance area look particularly timeless.

  1. Pink

Pink is another great accent colour for floor decals, which should go well with most traditionalist design schemes.  After all, red at a wedding is a bad idea, so pink can stand in as a romantic colour as well as giving the room a more feminine feel.

Plus, in general, pastels will go well with most classic wedding design styles.  Try mixing in some peach, lime green, or powder blue for more accent colours that will work in most situations.

  1. Decade-Specific Theming

More people are turning away from the “traditional” wedding designs and coming up with more personalized looks instead.  Decade-based decals are a great way to emphasize this, as well as making your dance floor look fun!  Try borrowing from the psychedelic 60s, or the iconic 80s “Memphis” look to make a more energetic, playful wedding reception with a dance floor no one could resist.

  1. Woodgrain

Want something more classic or refined than pop kitsch, but still more interesting or modern than the usual frills-and-flowers look?  Woodgrain could be the perfect solution.  While it does often have a 70s vibe, woodgrain is still a look unto itself and can be particularly effective in dressing up a very drab dance floor.  No one likes bare concrete, and a woodgrain-printed decal will turn it around instantly while still working alongside a lot of other design ideas.

Make Your Wedding Dreams a Reality

Best Wedding Backdrops wants to help make your wedding amazing!  Call us today to use our cutting-edge decal printing services!


How to Figure Out What Wedding Decorations to Include Your Wedding

There are so many options when you’re looking for wedding decorations in Canada that it can be nearly overwhelming, particularly in the earlier stages of planning your wedding.  In fact, our general advice is to start off with the “big picture” matters of planning the ceremony and reception, and hold off on picking specific decorations or styles until you’ve figured out several other things.

It’s tempting to get ahead of one’s self and start thinking about the final “look” but things really will go more smoothly if you resist that urge.  So, let’s talk briefly about some of the things to figure out before selecting wedding decorations in Canada, and what they mean for your decorative choices.

Three Major Choices to Make Before You Start Picking Out Wedding Decor

  1. The Size of The Wedding

Chances are, you already have a good idea what size the wedding is going to be, but that’s definitely the first thing to nail down.  Your decoration choices -and the expenses involved- will be heavily influenced by the overall size of the wedding including the venue and how many people will be there.

Think about what your budget will be.  A smaller wedding could allow you to have an extremely well-decorated space, whereas hosting a larger wedding would mean fewer and more sparse decorations.  Few weddings have a truly unlimited budget, and this is the time to think about what to really prioritize.

  1. Wedding Location and Venue

Always have a venue picked out for your wedding (and hopefully reserved) before thinking too hard about specific decorations.  While there are some which won’t rely on the space -like your tabletop decor- a lot of your decorations will need to be tailored to the location.

As a simple example, if you’re thinking of adding a wedding backdrop to your ceremony, they can come in a wide range of sizes.  They start at around 8 feet across, but can be as long as you need.  Some head table backdrops could be 36 feet wide or more!  They’ll look best if they are the same length as the walls in the room, so you need to know the space before you can order the backdrops.

  1. Your Desired Layout

This goes along with your venue choice, but there are also a lot of ways to “construct” a space through decorative choices.  Do you want your wedding to be in one large, open space?  Or do you want it partitioned?  If you’re renting a building like a community hall that has a lot of rooms, will you be making use of those rooms (such as a dedicated photo booth room) or keeping them partitioned off?

Your decorative choices can have an enormous impact on the layout of the space.  You could use a variety of backdrops and dividers to create sub-spaces, or deploy signage to guide people around rooms.  Think ahead!

Need more wedding decoration advice?  Contact Best Wedding Backdrops for more help or a wide range of wedding decoration services in Canada!


Five Must-Have Wedding Reception Backdrops for An Autumn Wedding

If you’re planning a fall wedding, why not include a backdrop that makes the most of the season?  Autumn-themed wedding reception backdrops are big (and beautiful) right now.  Or, even if you don’t directly make use of the season, we’re seeing some definite trends in the sorts of backdrops people are ordering.

So, out Best Wedding Backdrops team wanted to highlight some great ideas for fall wedding reception backdrops that might add a bit of class, colour, or style to your wedding!

Five Great Autumn Wedding Reception Backdrops

  1. Fall Leaves

Is it an obvious choice?  Sure.  But that doesn’t mean it’s bad.  A black, white, or sky-blue backdrop contrasted with a variety of colourful fall leaves can be a truly beautiful addition to a wide variety of overall wedding themes.  If you really wanted to get hands-on and put some extra work in (or perhaps have some younger relatives to keep busy with a crafts project) maybe even think about using actual leaves rather than painted ones.  A layer of clear acrylic over top would keep them from crumbling.

  1. Autumn Trees

Another obvious but eternally-popular choice would be a scene of trees and bushes in their fall colours.  Whether painted or taken from a photograph, it would be a striking design and would make for amazing photographs.  This would also give you a very “outdoorsy” feel to the pictures, even if your wedding was held indoors.

  1. Asian Autumn

Eastern design styles are also big right now, and that could easily be reflected in your backdrop.  Autumn foliage in China and Japan tends to be more bold and colourful than those in the west, with a wider range of reds, pinks, oranges, and yellows on display.  This would be one of the few excuses to put some red in your wedding without it seeming unlucky, too, since red is often a wedding colour overseas.  Add some bamboo and you’d have a very distinctive backdrop design!

  1. Barnboard

Going in another direction, autumn can also make people think “rustic” – and there’s a big push for the use of reclaimed wood, in the face of deforestation.  Whether you use actual reclaimed wood, or merely have painted/printed barnboard-style backdrops, it would make a real statement and ensure your wedding looked unlike most of the others around.

  1. Picture Frames

Nothing says you have to directly reference the season at all.  We’ve been getting a lot of requests lately for picture frame based designs.  This could mean a monotone backdrop with an ornate frame design around it, or more literal picture frames with digital pictures included.  The latter can be especially fun, since it means you could create a collage of pictures of the bride and groom – but with frames, to give them a more refined look.

Best Wedding Backdrops Can Make Your Wedding Shine

We have decades of experience in design, printing, and room layout services.  Contact us today to learn about how we can make your wedding easy and stylish!


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