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Five Must-Have Wedding Reception Backdrops for An Autumn Wedding

If you’re planning a fall wedding, why not include a backdrop that makes the most of the season?  Autumn-themed wedding reception backdrops are big (and beautiful) right now.  Or, even if you don’t directly make use of the season, we’re seeing some definite trends in the sorts of backdrops people are ordering.

So, out Best Wedding Backdrops team wanted to highlight some great ideas for fall wedding reception backdrops that might add a bit of class, colour, or style to your wedding!

Five Great Autumn Wedding Reception Backdrops

  1. Fall Leaves

Is it an obvious choice?  Sure.  But that doesn’t mean it’s bad.  A black, white, or sky-blue backdrop contrasted with a variety of colourful fall leaves can be a truly beautiful addition to a wide variety of overall wedding themes.  If you really wanted to get hands-on and put some extra work in (or perhaps have some younger relatives to keep busy with a crafts project) maybe even think about using actual leaves rather than painted ones.  A layer of clear acrylic over top would keep them from crumbling.

  1. Autumn Trees

Another obvious but eternally-popular choice would be a scene of trees and bushes in their fall colours.  Whether painted or taken from a photograph, it would be a striking design and would make for amazing photographs.  This would also give you a very “outdoorsy” feel to the pictures, even if your wedding was held indoors.

  1. Asian Autumn

Eastern design styles are also big right now, and that could easily be reflected in your backdrop.  Autumn foliage in China and Japan tends to be more bold and colourful than those in the west, with a wider range of reds, pinks, oranges, and yellows on display.  This would be one of the few excuses to put some red in your wedding without it seeming unlucky, too, since red is often a wedding colour overseas.  Add some bamboo and you’d have a very distinctive backdrop design!

  1. Barnboard

Going in another direction, autumn can also make people think “rustic” – and there’s a big push for the use of reclaimed wood, in the face of deforestation.  Whether you use actual reclaimed wood, or merely have painted/printed barnboard-style backdrops, it would make a real statement and ensure your wedding looked unlike most of the others around.

  1. Picture Frames

Nothing says you have to directly reference the season at all.  We’ve been getting a lot of requests lately for picture frame based designs.  This could mean a monotone backdrop with an ornate frame design around it, or more literal picture frames with digital pictures included.  The latter can be especially fun, since it means you could create a collage of pictures of the bride and groom – but with frames, to give them a more refined look.

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