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Creative Design Ideas to Incorporate into Your Head Table Backdrop

head table backdrop

Wedding head table at the banquet hall, with wedding cake.

One of the single most impressive and dramatic decorative pieces you could add to a wedding is undoubtedly a head table backdrop.  Stretching the length of your head table, this backdrop truly sets the stage.  After all, it’s going to be as large as a piece of theatrical set dressing.

However, that puts extra pressure on the piece to be extra special and distinctive, as well as having decorations on it which properly make use of all the room.  After all, a typical backdrop could be anywhere from 16 to 32 feet across.  You need some big, bold designs to make sure it stands out and does its job framing the bride, groom, and their most treasured guests. Take a look at our Best Wedding Backdrop head table ideas.

Ways to Make for A Distinct Head Table Backdrop

  1. Copy your invitation design.

For those who are looking to have a very clear design scheme running throughout their wedding, one of the easiest options is to make the head table backdrop copy the invitation design.  The design work on an invitation is creating a frame around the text of the invite and, in the same way, the backdrop will be creating a frame around your head table.

  1. Match the other signage.

In some cases, the design of the invitation will carry over into the signage as well.  However, if it doesn’t, then it’d be a good idea to match the other signs instead.  The same principle applies – the backdrop simply becomes an extension of your overall design style carried through the entire space.  It’s simple and seamless and ensures your head table backdrop is guaranteed to fit in.

  1. Black with white highlights, like snowflakes or stars.

Black at my wedding?  It’s more common than you think!  The issue with having a white backdrop is that it’s very easy for the bride to become visually lost within the backdrop, particularly in pictures.  A black backdrop with tasteful white highlights actually works better than you might expect, and ensures the bride is always easy to see, even in shots taken from far away.

(Yes, the groom is probably wearing a black tux, but he won’t be in all black so he’s easier to see.)

  1. Use your wedding cake design.

Are you wanting a more colorful backdrop?  Match your cake!  This can be particularly fun, since you’ve got a choice of whether to copy the look of the cake in profile, or from the top down.  Either way, you’ll get a wider variety of colors and the backdrop will still look like it matches with other elements of the wedding.

  1. Go wild!

Honestly, if there’s a “rule” to weddings right now, it’s that nearly all the rules are getting thrown out the window.  If the backdrop doesn’t totally clash with your other designs, you could have it look like almost anything you want.  Rather than being a traditionalist, make it wild and crazy to emphasize how unique your wedding is!

Then to make your custom head table backdrop a reality, just contact Best Wedding Backdrops!


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