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Incorporating Colour Into Your Wedding Dance Floor Decals

Some truly impressive pieces of wedding decoration -which can cost less than you might expect- are wedding dance floor decals.  These can take a relatively plain floor and make it something special, that compliments your overall design scheme and really brings the room together.  Even better, modern vinyl decals can be created with glues that never leave residue and can be used on virtually any flooring aside from carpet.  So, no matter the space, there’s probably an option in wedding dance floor decals that will work.

That just leaves the question of design, and the sky is the limit.  Floor decals can be custom-printed in high-quality digital facilities, so they can look like whatever you want them to.  The thing is, most people tend to make their floor decals fairly plain – sticking with a “safe” black-and-white colour scheme.

If you really want your wedding dance floor decals to be something special, add a little colour.  Or even a lot of colour!

Making A Splash with Colourful Dance Floor Decals at Your Wedding

  1. Gold

If there’s one colour besides white which will never be out of place at a wedding, it’s gold – the colour of your wedding rings.  (Probably.)  As such, gold can be used as a classy, classic accent colour on pretty much any floor decal design.  Whether you’re using literal gold rings in the design, or just adding golden flourishes, it’s virtually guaranteed to match and make your dance area look particularly timeless.

  1. Pink

Pink is another great accent colour for floor decals, which should go well with most traditionalist design schemes.  After all, red at a wedding is a bad idea, so pink can stand in as a romantic colour as well as giving the room a more feminine feel.

Plus, in general, pastels will go well with most classic wedding design styles.  Try mixing in some peach, lime green, or powder blue for more accent colours that will work in most situations.

  1. Decade-Specific Theming

More people are turning away from the “traditional” wedding designs and coming up with more personalized looks instead.  Decade-based decals are a great way to emphasize this, as well as making your dance floor look fun!  Try borrowing from the psychedelic 60s, or the iconic 80s “Memphis” look to make a more energetic, playful wedding reception with a dance floor no one could resist.

  1. Woodgrain

Want something more classic or refined than pop kitsch, but still more interesting or modern than the usual frills-and-flowers look?  Woodgrain could be the perfect solution.  While it does often have a 70s vibe, woodgrain is still a look unto itself and can be particularly effective in dressing up a very drab dance floor.  No one likes bare concrete, and a woodgrain-printed decal will turn it around instantly while still working alongside a lot of other design ideas.

Make Your Wedding Dreams a Reality

Best Wedding Backdrops wants to help make your wedding amazing!  Call us today to use our cutting-edge decal printing services!


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