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How to Figure Out What Wedding Decorations to Include Your Wedding

There are so many options when you’re looking for wedding decorations in Canada that it can be nearly overwhelming, particularly in the earlier stages of planning your wedding.  In fact, our general advice is to start off with the “big picture” matters of planning the ceremony and reception, and hold off on picking specific decorations or styles until you’ve figured out several other things.

It’s tempting to get ahead of one’s self and start thinking about the final “look” but things really will go more smoothly if you resist that urge.  So, let’s talk briefly about some of the things to figure out before selecting wedding decorations in Canada, and what they mean for your decorative choices.

Three Major Choices to Make Before You Start Picking Out Wedding Decor

  1. The Size of The Wedding

Chances are, you already have a good idea what size the wedding is going to be, but that’s definitely the first thing to nail down.  Your decoration choices -and the expenses involved- will be heavily influenced by the overall size of the wedding including the venue and how many people will be there.

Think about what your budget will be.  A smaller wedding could allow you to have an extremely well-decorated space, whereas hosting a larger wedding would mean fewer and more sparse decorations.  Few weddings have a truly unlimited budget, and this is the time to think about what to really prioritize.

  1. Wedding Location and Venue

Always have a venue picked out for your wedding (and hopefully reserved) before thinking too hard about specific decorations.  While there are some which won’t rely on the space -like your tabletop decor- a lot of your decorations will need to be tailored to the location.

As a simple example, if you’re thinking of adding a wedding backdrop to your ceremony, they can come in a wide range of sizes.  They start at around 8 feet across, but can be as long as you need.  Some head table backdrops could be 36 feet wide or more!  They’ll look best if they are the same length as the walls in the room, so you need to know the space before you can order the backdrops.

  1. Your Desired Layout

This goes along with your venue choice, but there are also a lot of ways to “construct” a space through decorative choices.  Do you want your wedding to be in one large, open space?  Or do you want it partitioned?  If you’re renting a building like a community hall that has a lot of rooms, will you be making use of those rooms (such as a dedicated photo booth room) or keeping them partitioned off?

Your decorative choices can have an enormous impact on the layout of the space.  You could use a variety of backdrops and dividers to create sub-spaces, or deploy signage to guide people around rooms.  Think ahead!

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