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Great Dance Floor Decals for Your Winter Wedding

Tuesday, December 5th – Dance floor decals are kind of a “secret weapon” when it comes to dressing up your wedding, particularly if you’re in a space with a bare or uninteresting floor.  Guests might not even notice the decals consciously, but they’ll still register as part of the space and help really set the mood.

Better yet, modern dance floor decals can be custom-printed as large as 10×10 and are extremely easy to apply and remove – without leaving any glue behind!  They can be stuck onto virtually any flooring surface aside from carpeting and should be fine for nearly any rented space.  (Just be sure to check your renter’s agreement to ensure they aren’t prohibited by the building owner.)

So, if you’re planning on a winter wedding, let’s talk about some dance floor decals that fit the theme!

Ideas for Great Winter Wedding Floor Decals

  • Initials in white/blue

One of the most popular ideas for floor decals at weddings is to have the couple’s initials printed on a very large decal, usually surrounded by either a circle or a heart.  Well, this idea can be easily adapted to fit a winter wedding!  Just pick a nice wintery color scheme, with plenty of whites and blues.  The initials will really ‘pop’ out of the floor, while it still fits with your overall wintertime theme.

  • Snowflakes

Sure, it’s obvious – but that doesn’t mean it’s bad.  Snowflakes are among the most gorgeous things on earth, and with modern high-resolution digital printing, your dance floor snowflakes could look amazing.  Some giant flakes scattered around the dance floor would really add to the overall vibe.

  • Winter forest theme 

This would require close coordination between your walls and your floor, but it’d be spectacular if you pulled it off.  Give your walls a winter forest theme, then carry it through with floor decals of the snowy forest floor.  White powder, footprints from animals like deer, some leaves…  It would be totally amazing, and guarantee your guests were talking about your wedding design for a long time!

  • Ice Capades 

Rather than snow, why not ice?  This could be a fun decal theme because the floor might look slippery, but it’d be totally safe. For a more visual flare, add some grooves to make it look like skaters had been on the ice – or maybe frost patterns, like they were left by the ice fairies from Disney’s Fantasia.

Best Wedding Backdrops Can Make Your Wedding Come Alive!

At Best Wedding Backdrops, we aren’t your usual wedding décor company!  We have more than thirty years’ experience creating custom designs and graphics for a wide range of public appearances, exhibitions, parties, and other ceremonies.  On top of that, we have our own cutting-edge digital printing facilities in-house.

If you want a custom wedding theme, we can truly make your dreams come true.  From backdrops on the walls to decals on the floor, you could have a wedding like none other.

Contact us today to talk about our custom services!


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