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A Rental Wedding Backdrop In Toronto Can Fit Any Themed Wedding!

Wednesday, November 15th  – It’s becoming more and more popular to use a wedding backdrop in Toronto weddings, to improve the look of a room or help tie a theme together.  The problem is, custom wedding backdrops can be a bit expensive, and not everyone has the budget for one.

Luckily, there’s an alternative – rented wedding backdrops!  A rented backdrop might not be quite as personalized, but it’ll still look great.  We have a number of different backdrops, specifically so that they can fit into as many themes as possible.  Plus, we’re continually expanding our range of rentals so that we can help the largest number of people possible add great visuals to their wedding.

No matter what you’re planning, Best Wedding Backdrops probably has a rented backdrop that can fit in perfectly.

A Rented Wedding Backdrop in Toronto Can Affordably Improve Your Wedding’s Look

  1. Vintage Frames

This is one of our own favorites.  The “vintage frames” backdrop features a wood-panel background, with a number of vintage-style picture frames scattered around it.  This would be a great option for any wedding with a rustic/country theme, or potentially also one with a 19th Century Victorian feel.  If you were careful, you could even add pictures or messages within the picture frames.

  1. Modern Love

A fantastic rental backdrop is “modern love,” with a white heart outlined in flowers and several “Love is … ” messages contained within.  The black-and-white striped background allows it to fit into a variety of settings, although we tend to recommend it for chic/modern weddings.   The flowery setting also makes it a bit rococo. 

  1. Rose Garden

If you want to emphasize how romantic -and pink- your wedding is, the “rose garden” backdrop is our most popular choice.  It’s simply a top-down shot of hundreds of white and pink blooming roses.  This backdrop works well with traditional white/pink/yellow color schemes, and helps the bride & groom stand out.

  1. Chalkboard Notes

Chalkboard-style signage and walls are really popular in modern trendy weddings, so we have a ‘chalkboard notes’ backdrop to match!   It has the look of a chalkboard which hasn’t been entirely cleaned, with organic white smears.  Like the ‘vintage frames’ backdrop, you could potentially add onto it if you’re careful.

  1. Rustic Winter

Finally, our newest backdrop is here for the season – ‘rustic winter’.   It’s white snowflakes and snow against a neutral wood background, and absolutely perfect for making your winter wedding feels appropriately snowy.  Or combine it with the ‘vintage frames’ for even more rustic appeal!

Get An Affordable Rental Wedding Backdrop In Toronto!

Best Wedding Backdrops offers rental backdrops that look just as nice as custom printed jobs.  Contact us today to discuss pricing and optional features!

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