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Why A Professionally-Made Wedding Ceremony Backdrop Is a Better Choice Than DIY

Thursday, January 18th  – When you’re planning a wedding on a budget, a smart planner is always going to look for opportunities to save a bit of money.  In general, having do-it-yourself decorations can be a way to cut down on your decorating costs…  but sometimes it really is best to pay for professional work – such as ordering a wedding ceremony backdrop from Best Wedding Backdrops!

Sometimes clients will ask us why they can’t just make the backdrop themselves, and while it’s technically true that they can, there are still a lot of reasons why a professional job is a better idea.

Four Reasons to Avoid Going DIY With Your Wedding Ceremony Backdrop

  1. It’s a lot of work.

Seriously, we do this for a living.  Making a small sign for yourself is one thing, but a wedding ceremony backdrop is going to be at least 8’x8′.  And if you want a full head table backdrop, those can go up to 32 feet or potentially wider!  Trying to create even a small backdrop for yourself would likely take days, and you’ve got much better things to do with your time.

  1. Custom printing makes it look great.

Another issue when dealing with a piece of decor that big is the problem of printing.  No one has facilities in their home for printing out something that’s several feet wide.  So, you’d have to decorate it all by hand.  However, when you choose a professional shop like Best Wedding Backdrops, we have computer-controlled large-scale printers designed specifically for creating huge pieces!  Plus, the resulting images are seamless, super-high resolution, and have eye-popping colors too.

  1. Build quality matters.

Another thing people often don’t realize when they try to make their own backdrop is that creating a project so large and relatively heavy involves overcoming some real engineering challenges.  If it’s not properly secured, it could easily tip over during the ceremony – potentially onto you or your guests.  Or, pieces of it could break off, which would be extremely embarrassing.

  1. It’s going to be one of the centerpieces of your wedding.

A wedding ceremony backdrop is always a photographic centerpiece of a wedding.  Do you want the background for so many of your wedding photos to look anything less than perfect?  When done up properly, a wedding backdrop can be the perfect “frame” to show off your wedding dress, or how you look as a couple.  But if it doesn’t look good on film, that’s going to detract heavily from the pictures.

And after all, the pictures are what will last from your wedding – for years or even decades.  Cut corners on stuff that won’t be photographed.

Get Top Quality Custom-Printed Backdrops From BWB!

The crew at Best Wedding Backdrops has more than thirty years’ experience creating amazing custom-printed work, and other decor, for events and celebrations large and small.  Contact us today, and let us make a truly stunning photographic backdrop for your wedding and reception!

Add That Intimate Touch to Your Wedding Ceremony Backdrop

May 31, 2017 – A great wedding ceremony backdrop is an amazing centerpiece for a wedding. It’s not just going to be one of the focal points of the ceremony, but it can go a long way towards setting the entire mood and tone of the ceremony as well. After all, with its position behind the bride, groom, and officiants, it’s going to be in all the pictures. Read more…

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