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Why Rent a Photo Backdrop from Best Wedding Backdrops?

April 5, 2017 – Want a great photo wedding backdrop, while staying within a tight budget? Best Wedding Backdrops has you covered!

photo backdrop

A rental photo backdrop might be one of the most cost-effective pieces of decoration you can install at your wedding. They’re big, eye-catching, and great for taking pictures. A single backdrop can radically redefine the look and feel of your wedding, taking it far beyond standard flowers-and-white-drapes designs.   

With prices, as low as $325 for a day’s rental, they can be a truly distinguishing part of your reception, dinner, or wedding ceremony itself.

5 Reasons to Rent a Photo Backdrop from Us

  1. Plenty of options

We offer five different backdrop styles for each type of wedding theme. We want to give you plenty of options and variety in the styles of backdrop you can use, specifically to help make your wedding as unique as possible.  

  1. Well cared-for designs

We only rent out backdrops that look immaculate, so no one will need to know it’s a rental. You don’t have to worry about getting graphics that have scratches, scrapes, or other signs of wear and tear. (Just please be careful with your rental so the next wedding can have a great backdrop too!)

  1. Cut costs or have more budget for other decorations

Rental backdrops are quite affordable, compared to many other types of wedding decoration. You can use a rental backdrop to establish a strong theme or look to your wedding, then use the money you saved to flesh it out with more decorations, props, furniture, or other items that complete the look.  

  1. Graphic and frame included.

We don’t require you to provide your own frame or stand. Every rental backdrop comes with everything you need for setup, so you don’t have to worry about bringing additional equipment.

  1. Easy Setup

Despite their large sizes – generally 8’x8′ or 10’x8′ – you might be surprised at just how easy our rental backdrops are to work with. The backdrops and frames are quite lightweight, and can usually be set up by a pair of people working together in just a few minutes.  

photo backdrop

Looking for An Affordable Customized Option? Try Step and Repeat Backdrops

Our newest offering, step and repeat backdrops, can be a great “middle ground” between an inexpensive rental backdrop and the higher costs of having a full-sized customized backdrop. Step and repeat backdrops utilize tiled patterns, so they require far less original artwork to turn into a great piece of graphics. Almost anything can be turned into a step and repeat backdrop, while they still make great eye-catching displays as part of your wedding decor.

Best Wedding Backdrops Is Bringing New Ideas to Wedding Design

Best Wedding Backdrops is a spinoff of our successful Best Displays & Graphics venture, which has designed great graphics for trade shows and expositions for decades. With Best Wedding Backdrops, we’re taking the experience and creativity we learned working trade shows and applying it to a brand-new field. The result is a new kind of wedding company, one focused on creative and unique designs!

Contact us to learn more!

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