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Why Having a Wedding Ceremony Backdrop Is a Great Idea

October 3rd – More and more people are choosing to have a wedding ceremony backdrop at their wedding, and its little wonder why.  People are looking for alternatives to the usual clichéd wedding decorations, and a wedding ceremony backdrop is a great way to do that.  One single piece of décor can have an enormous impact on the overall tone of the ceremony, as well as being a true centerpiece in terms of decoration.

If you’re looking for a way to make your wedding stand out, while adding some real individuality, a backdrop from Best Wedding Backdrops could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Five Reasons to Add a Wedding Ceremony Backdrop!

  1. Cover up any unfortunate views.

Sometimes you don’t have total control over the venue for your wedding, or perhaps the space is perfect except for one ugly wall which would be hard to work with.  This is a great opportunity to deploy a wedding backdrop!  The backdrop can partially or totally cover up the wall in question.  Since backdrops can be anywhere from 8 feet long up to 30 feet or more, you can always get one big enough to cover up anything you don’t want to be seen.

  1. Great wedding pictures.

Your wedding only happens once, but your pictures are forever – particularly with digital storage.  Wedding backdrops are inherently photogenic.  They practically beg for pictures to be taken in front of them.  So besides covering up anything you don’t want to see photographed, they can greatly improve the view and all the resulting pictures.  That means your investment can pay off for years and years into the future.

  1. Tie together your wedding theme.

Since a wedding ceremony backdrop is likely to be the single largest piece of décor at your wedding that makes it an excellent choice for tying the room together.  It can mesh seamlessly with existing design and color choices, or even pull together several different styles to make a more diverse decorative scheme come together.  Its large size gives it a lot of power over a room.

  1. Ensure your dress stands out.

OK, here’s one of the basic issues with weddings and wedding photography:  The traditional decor is white, and the bride’s dress is… also white.  In worst-case scenarios, the bride may end up being lost in her own decorations because there’s too much white-on-white going on.  However, since backdrops can utilize a wide variety of colors and design ideas, it’s perfect for taking pictures where every detail of your dress stands out!

  1. Let your imagine run wild with custom options.

You can rent a backdrop with any number of stock graphics on it, or you could go the extra mile and create something truly special and unique.  Custom backdrops can display anything you want, or even be personally hand-designed by the bride and groom.  It could be the ultimate “signature piece” for your wedding – literally!

Find Great Custom Decor at Best Wedding Backdrops

We’re here to make your wedding amazing!  Contact us to learn more.

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