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Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better When Choosing a Dance Floor Decal

Dance Floor Decal

There are many important steps involved in the planning your wedding day. But perhaps most important is the design for the venue. One important consideration is dance floor decal products, and within this latest post, we’ll provide more information regarding why a smaller dance floor decal might suit your venue.

  1. You can place smaller decals in many locations

One important consideration when selecting a dance floor decal is flexibility. It’s imperative that you’re able to place the decals in various venue areas. And so the smaller the decal, the more options you’ll have when choosing their location. Make sure you visit the venue several times before the event to measure the spaces. Then compare the spacing options with the available decals to ensure you make that ideal choice.

  1. Smaller decals will be the focal point of the dance floor

When creating a dance floor for your event, you should ensure that the floor is large enough to accommodate all guests and that the decals are placed so they can easily read by those on the dance floor. When using large decals, the decal can actually overpower the design of the floor and can detract from the overall setup within the venue. Smaller decals are more easily integrated into the overall design and will become the focal point of the dance floor rather than the only design item visible.

  1. Smaller decals are far more affordable

Another consideration when choosing your dance floor decal options is the price of the product. Smaller decals are designed so that they use less material than larger products, helping you to consolidate your costs considerably. Make sure that you work with a qualified wedding decal designer to save money when using quality decals. Our team at Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs can help you to reduce your decal costs while providing you with the perfect design for your event.

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We’re qualified to handle all wedding display requirements for your upcoming event! To discover more about the full range of decal options available, contact our trusted team now to get started.

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