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Wedding Reception Backdrop Tips for Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor backdrop

Holding your wedding outdoors can allow you to enjoy nature as you commit your life to your partner. But outdoor events bring with them their own unique set of problems. If you’re planning an outdoor event for the coming months, it’s important you consider how to plan for the occasion. As a starting point, we’re highlighting our tips for using wedding reception backdrops outdoors.

  1. Sandbag the backdrop to the ground

The wind can make it exceptionally difficult to keep the backdrop in place while holding an outdoor event. In the planning stages for your wedding reception, you should use a sandbag to hold the backdrop in the ground. In many cases, wedding backdrops have been known to fly across the venue space like a kite in the wind. Not only can this destroy your entire wedding aesthetic, it may also cause injuries among the attendees.

  1. Add a black backer

In some cases, wedding reception backdrops can become transparent when exposed to the sun. This can diminish the entire effect of the backdrop, and limit the value of the investment within the display product. Make sure that you take the time to add a black backer to the display. The black backer can be used to close off the display to the sunlight, and help improve the impact backdrops have within the wedding reception space.

  1. Consider natural lighting

Natural lighting should be used where possible to highlight the backdrop. In an outdoor space, there is limited need for artificial lighting products, which can detract from the natural beauty of the event. You may wish to work with a specialist design team when selecting your backdrop to capitalize on the unique outdoor lighting. The natural lighting from the sun can provide an unparalleled aesthetic that helps create the ideal event experience for both the happy couple and their guests.

Our experienced team at Best Wedding Backdrops is committed to providing you that ideal wedding day experience when using our displays. To learn more about the display options we have available, call us today.

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