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Three Ways to Spice Up Your Wedding with Wedding Décor Rentals

Jun 28, 2017 – Weddings are rarely cheap (and certainly shouldn’t look cheap) but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to have a fabulous and stylish wedding. Wedding décor rentals can be a great way to spice up your wedding and add great features you couldn’t afford to buy outright, all while still keeping the budget reasonable.

Wedding décor rentals

At Best Wedding Backdrops, we specialize in finding the perfect décor for every wedding, and helping planners create a fantastic event every time. Here are some of our favorite wedding décor rentals.

Great Ideas for Rented Wedding Décor To Make Your Reception And Ceremony Shine!

  1. Wall-Sized Backdrops

As you might guess from our name, backdrops are one of our specialties! Plenty of weddings are held in relatively common or public venues, or even in smaller spaces. That means they don’t often look like a suitable location for a wedding, and it takes a lot of creativity -and design work- to make them look appropriate.

But a wedding backdrop makes things easy. These huge backdrops – 8’x8′, 10’x8′, or even larger, can completely cover up a wall and redesign it to your own liking. With plenty of backdrop options to choose from, you can instantly change a boring or ugly wall into something special.

Custom-made options like photo backdrops are available as well.  Just ask!

  1. Frame Styles

Don’t want a big backdrop just sitting against a wall? Make it look even more like a deliberate piece of art by adding a frame! We have loads of frame styles to choose from, to suit any overall look or theme to the wedding. These frames can also support other decorations as well, such as wrapping flowers or ivy around them to create something truly spectacular. 

  1. Photo Booths and Accessories

One of the hottest new trends in weddings is adding a photo booth! After all, guests love to take pictures – of themselves as well as everything else – but you don’t want a hundred people all running around with selfie sticks. A rented wedding photo booth takes care of the problem, while adding a feature that your guests are virtually guaranteed to love.

Our photo booth rentals make it easy and fun, as well. The rental comes complete with a professional attendant who’ll ensure everyone has a good time, and you get unlimited free downloads of photos after the event. Plus, there are loads of great add-ons you could include, such as:

  • A smaller backdrop for the photos
  • Red carpet and stanchions 
  • Guest book services
  • Extra props and accessories
  • Animated GIF creation

It’s fun, it’s an affordable rental, and your guests are bound to have a great time.

Best Wedding Backdrops Makes Weddings Easy

We can provide whatever purchased or rental wedding décor you need… or you could have us take all the stress off your shoulders! Our staff are experts at layout and design, and can make even small spaces look amazing.

Contact the team at Best Wedding Backdrops today to learn more!

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