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Three Great Ways to Make Use of a Head Table Backdrop During Your Reception

May 10, 2017 – There are few pieces of unique decor you could add to your wedding which can do more to spice things up than a head table backdrop. These huge, custom-printed backdrops are large enough to entirely replace a wall, and can truly ‘set the stage’ for your reception in a way no other form of wedding decoration can achieve.

head table backdrop

Plus, thanks to the high-resolution printing available through Best Wedding Backdrops, there’s truly no limit on what that backdrop can contain. You can custom-design the entire canvas (or get our help) and have it filled with eye-popping colors that will look amazing in all the photographs.

There are more ways you could use a head table backdrop during your reception than we could possibly list, but here are a few ideas…

The Many Uses of a Head Table Backdrop at Your Reception

  1. Drawing attention to the couple

One of the dangers of a large reception with a lot of tables is that it’s easy for the bride & groom’s table to be “lost” amongst all the other tables and general bustle. It’s even more common in situations where the room is round or square, without a clear front which draws guests’ attention forward.

A head table backdrop solves this problem entirely! It makes the bride and groom’s table the focal point of the room, and ensures that all heads know exactly which way to turn when it comes time for toasts and speeches.

They also work well emphasizing sweetheart tables as well, particularly if they complement the overall decor.

  1. Cover up an unfortunate wall

While everyone would love to be able to rent out a mansion ballroom or similar space for their wedding, such a space isn’t going to be available for everyone. Many receptions are going to be held in smaller, more general-purpose rented buildings whose existing decor may not have much to say on love and commitment. 

If you’re working with a space that has unattractive elements, such as naked brick walls, a backdrop is the perfect thing to transform it into something special! Rather than dressing it up with drapery and such, you can outright replace the wall with a custom backdrop of your own design.

  1. Segment the space

Another issue with rented rooms is they may not be laid out in a way that works with your reception, particularly if the space is larger than you need. Another good option is to use a backdrop on a frame to create a wall, such as segmenting the dining area from other amusements available at the reception.

It’s even possible to set up a double-sided backdrop, effectively carving two rooms out of one that each has its own unique look and personality!

Best Wedding Backdrops Can Make Your Wedding Truly Special

We have decades of experience creating unique and original pieces of decor, laying out rooms, and handling logistics. We can make a single custom backdrop, or handle all your wedding planning needs. Call us today to learn how easy -and special- your wedding can be.

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