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Our Wedding Bar Sign Ideas

Custom Wedding Welcome Signs

The wedding venue bar is the area of the event at which many guests will gather as the evening’s festivities come to an end. They will make their way to this area to meet and greet others and to hopefully catch a moment or two with the happy couple. To ensure guests navigate the wedding venue effectively, let’s look at a few wedding bar sign ideas for your big day.

  • His and her drinks options

You might use the wedding bar sign to showcase his and her wedding drinks. The bride will suggest some drinks and the groom will suggest some drinks for everyone to try and these drinks options can be displayed in full detail using wedding bar signs.  This can give the bar display area a personal touch and will encourage conversation between guests.

  • List of all the options at the bar

One of the simplest wedding bar sign ideas is the basic list of the alcohol available at the bar. This list is ideal for those who might have inexperienced bartenders pouring the drinks. The list can help the guest easily find what they want without having to ask the bartender if their favorite option is available. You might also consider adding some ingredients to the list of drinks options to ensure that all dietary restrictions are taken into consideration.

  • Couple’s favorite drinks

Another great option for a wedding day bar sign is a sign that has the couple’s favourite drinks displayed. This list could include all the options that the happy couple have in mind for their own enjoyment on the wedding day. The sign could give guests their own ideas about potential drinks options. When making the list, consider the available options and ensure that favourite drinks are easily available at the bar.

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