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Ideas for Budget Wedding Table Decorations


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One of the leading challenges many couples face when organizing a wedding is trying to save on wedding table decorations. Reducing the cost of your wedding table decorations can ensure your budget is more flexible in other areas. To help guide you in saving money on your wedding day décor budget, we’re highlighting ideas for affordable wedding table decorations in this latest post.

Print one menu per table

One of the best ideas to save money in your wedding table decoration budget is to simply print one menu per table. It’s unlikely that the guests at the table won’t know each other, and so you can ensure that you save on printing costs by having one menu per table beautifully placed in the center of the table. Speak with your decorations expert to discuss menu printing options.

Review the price per piece for centerpieces

Your table centerpieces will be an important part of the wedding experience for guests. But you can save money and time by simply reviewing the price per piece directly and then making a decision that best fits your budget and the occasion. Discuss the pricing options with multiple centerpiece designers and determine which option best suits your needs for your wedding day.

Print only one number per table

Make sure that you print only one table number per table. Some couples try to have table numbers that are visible from multiple angles around the room, but this can be an additional cost that rises significantly when you have 10 or 50 tables in the room to decorate.

Choose simple over complex

Simple, tasteful wedding table decorations can help you save money while improving the ambiance of the event. Many will find that their guests appreciate having only simple decorations at their table rather than having to move larger displays around as they try to enjoy their meal and spend time with family and friends on event day. It’s important that you consult with a display expert to determine which décor options combine simplicity and elegance.

Our experts at  Best Wedding Backdrops are here to help you build your ideal wedding day décor. To discover more about our services and budget wedding ideas, call us today.




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