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How Toronto Couples Can Reduce the Cost of Wedding Backdrops

A wedding is an event most couples will remember and cherish for the lifetime. But many find that they have to spend more than the originally planned for their big day. Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to reduce your wedding costs without detracting from the event experience. And within this latest post, we’ll explain more about how Toronto couples can save money on their wedding backdrops.

Gets Signs Rather than Backdrops

Perhaps the most important step to take is to choose wedding day signs rather than backdrops for the events. Signs can be used throughout the event facility while wedding backdrops can only be used for specific areas in which their size is suitable. It’s important to review the sign options directly and find out which signs can provide the best value at your venue. Make sure you speak with a specialist before making the decision.

Smaller Backdrop Sizing

Toronto couples could also choose smaller wedding backdrops if they wish to reduce the cost of the piece. The smaller backdrop can be used for example in and around seating areas to highlight the event rather than covering an entire venue wall. This might be suitable in venues where there is limited space, and will still allow for maximum visibility. Make sure that all backdrops are sized effectively by measuring the venue space a number of times before creating and signing off on your chosen backdrop.

Choose Rental Options

Rather than choosing your own custom wedding backdrops which can add significant costs to your event, you might consider a rental backdrop option. Rentals can often provide the ideal level of appeal at the event while you reduce your expenditure. Make sure you review all event rental options carefully and speak with a specialist about how the rentals might integrate with the designs of the other wedding displays for your event.

Our team at Best Wedding Backdrops has many years’ experience helping couples choose the ideal display pieces for their special day. To learn more about our company and our past work, call us directly!


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