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How to Use Easels as Wedding Décor Rentals

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Discovering the range of rental options for your wedding day décor can help you to make a more informed decision your important day. Our team at Best Wedding Backdrops has significant experience in the wedding display marketplace, and within our latest post, we’ll focus on the subject of how to use easels as wedding day décor rentals.

Mount signage on it

Another great way to harness easels as wedding décor rentals is to mount signage on the easel. The signage can be used to highlight photobooths or other events at the wedding to ensure guests can easily make their way to the destination. The durability of the easel makes it the ideal choice for signage as it can help to minimize problems with signs falling to the floor or bending.

Use to hold the guest book

The guest book for your wedding day event will be an important part of the festivities. It will be one of the first elements with which your guests interact for their wedding day event and it will help ensure that you have a lasting memory of the event that can be treasured for the years to come. For those that are considering wedding décor rentals, an easel can be used to hold your guest book. The easel makes it easy for guests to flip through the book on the day and to see the messages that others have left. It can also be used to help prevent damage to the guest book as it allows the book to simply be opened without lifting.

Mount a custom print of the couple

Another great way to use an easel at the wedding is to mount a custom print of the happy couple. This can easily be achieved by simply printing a high-quality photo and then placing the photo on the easel in a high visibility location. You might consider placing it at the center table during the reception or close to the aisles during the ceremony.

Our team at Best Wedding Backdrops can help you to choose quality display products for your event. To learn more about the options available, call us today.

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