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How Can Couples in Ontario Save on Custom Wedding Décor?

Wedding Décor

Couples across Ontario are currently trying to design and create their ideal wedding décor on a budget. Our team at Best Wedding Backdrops understands how challenging this process can be. That’s why we’re highlighting our work with past clients, and general advice from our experts in this latest post.

  1. Let’s talk about the design; how did these clients get a custom design without cost?

“Well, these clients originally came to us wanting a mirrored Table Seating Chart. We informed them that we don’t have a mirror on hand that is big enough for us to print all the names on to, so they would have to bring in their own mirror. After several back and forth discussions, we concluded that the mirror they wanted to use would not work for the Table Seating Chart, we then showed them their other options. One of those was a Foamcore Table Seating Chart, a very cost effective- custom signage option. The couple loved the idea and we advised them to choose a design that is very simple if they want to stay under the 15-minute free design time (anything taking over 15 minutes to design will be charged). Once they sent us the design we forwarded it to our graphic designer and she let us know it would take her under 15 minutes to design this specific design.”

Wedding Décor

  1. What do the clients have to supply for the graphic designer to create the cost-effective Table Seating Chart?

“We advise our clients to supply us with as many details as possible to minimize the amount of time it would take our graphic designer to create it for them. For example, we would ask them to include details like an image for reference, colour of text and other images like leaves for example, wording they want to be used, font style and size, layout (horizontal vs. vertical), so on and so forth. As well we require an Excel spreadsheet for the Table Seating Chart that includes all the names and tables for the sign. It should be formatted by the way the customer wants the seating chart organized (by table, alphabetically by first or last name etc.) From there, we can copy and paste the names/ tables instead of organizing their names our self which would result in extra design charges. Ultimately, the more design details for your signs you give us the less chance there is of you incurring additional design charges.”

  1. Are all the custom tips the same for other signage?

“Table Seating Charts take the longest to design when it comes to types of signage. Usually, signage like Welcome Signs, Order of Event Signs, and Bar Menu Signs are a lot less detail oriented because they don’t require the names, so they take a lot less time to design (if you don’t go with an extremely complicated design). But for all types of signage, you want to follow the above suggestions if you want a custom design without the cost. Please keep in mind the same follows for our other custom products like Dance Floor Decals, Custom Backdrops, and Acrylic/ Mirror Signage. Just be really organized and have all your details ready for us!”

  1. What if a customer wants custom design and doesn’t mind paying the additional design charges, should they still follow the above suggestions?

“Yes, it’s always helpful too because we aren’t out to take all your money. Design can add up quite quickly because, as any graphic designer knows; it’s easy to quickly design something average, but it takes longer to design something beautiful. We recommend giving us as many details as possible so that, even if you want an elaborate design that will take a bit, we can still cut down the costs for when we add additional design time to your invoice.”

  1. Are customers informed of how much they will be spending or not spending on design before their product is finished?

“Yes, one of the things we pride ourselves in at BWB is how upfront and forward we are with our customers. When customers come to us and show us a design that they would like us to recreate, we forward it to our graphic designers and ask them how long approximately it would take them to recreate it to the best of their ability. When we get the answer, we let the customers know, for example this design would take about 2-3 hours, so there would be additional design charges of $130.00. We as well let the customers know they have a couple of options; we can recreate the design, and charge for additional design hours, or we can create a design like it.

Sometimes, we aren’t able to recreate certain images, for example a forest, something like that would either take forever to design or we wouldn’t be able to design a graphic like that in the first place, so that’s when royalty free images come into play. If we cannot find the certain image off free royalty free websites like Pexel or Pixabay we would have to resort to iStock, which charges for royalty free images. Our team at BWB would be able to assess your design and let you know if there would be any extra design charges and as well if we would need to purchase any images to create the certain design and charge the price to the invoice. There are no hidden costs when you choose our company to create custom wedding decor for your Ontario event/ wedding.”

Our team at Best Wedding Backdrops has helped hundreds of local couples achieve their ideal event over our years in the industry. To learn more about your wedding décor options in Ontario, call our local team today.

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