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Wedding Decorations

Hot Wedding Reception Decorations You Must Have

Jun 14, 2017 – Everyone wants their wedding to be special and memorable, which is why having distinctive and interesting décor is so important. People are getting tired of the standard flowers-and-columns wedding decoration. They’re exploring different themes for weddings, which opens incredible opportunities to create a wedding that truly expresses your creativity and personality.


Likewise, wedding reception decorations are becoming more customized as well. Thanks to modern digital printing techniques, almost anything can be turned into a photograph, a photo montage, themed scenery, or whatever else you can imagine. It’s easier than ever to put your own personal stamp on your wedding reception decorations.

Looking for ideas? Here are some of the ones we see customers requesting over and over.

Hot Options in Wedding Reception Decorations

  • Floor Decals

Sure, you can dress up the walls of your reception easily enough – but what about your floors? A lot of weddings and receptions are held in public spaces with boring or even downright ugly floors which simply don’t match the overall look and feel of the festivities.

Wedding floor decals take care of this!  Our decals use a specially-formulated glue which is safe for almost any flooring type (except carpet) and peel up cleanly without leaving any glue residue behind. Plus, with sizes ranging from 2’x2′ to 10’x10′, there are options to makeover floors of any size and shape.

These are particularly great for dance floors!

  • Custom Table Skirts

Why settle for plain, boring tablecloths when you could have anything printed on them you’d like? Custom table skirts are the perfect way to ensure the theme and style of your wedding is carried through everywhere in the reception, while still serving their main purpose of covering up tables.

Another option is to use them to label each table, based on its contents or who is supposed to be sitting there.

  • Bar Signs

Of course, your wedding has a bar – they all do – but that doesn’t mean it has to stand alone or not fit into the theme. Custom bar signs can ensure even the bar area fit the overall design, as well as being a fun way to introduce guests to the selection of drinks on display. You could have a full menu of drinks.

If you’re planning on having His-and-Hers personalized cocktails, this is also a terrific way to show off your pairing selections. Try to make drink selections that fit the wedding theme!

Turn to Best Wedding Backdrops to Make Your Reception Easy

We don’t only handle custom-printed backdrops, signs, and cloth items. We could take the entire burden of planning your wedding decorations off your shoulders! Best Wedding Backdrops has decades of experience in planning events, working with strict space requirements, and doing décor layout to ensure there’s still plenty of room for people to move around.

Whether it’s for a few wedding reception decorations, or for a full design package, contact us today to talk about your wedding vision!

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