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Great Ideas for Spring Themed Weddings

As winter finally starts to fade into the past, it’s time for wedding season to really take off.  Everyone loves a spring wedding!  It’s one of the most popular times of year to get married, and for good reason – spring already represents rebirth and renewal, so it goes along perfectly with the start of a bride and groom’s new life.  Plus, milder temperatures create plenty of opportunities for weddings both inside and out, while keeping everyone comfortable.

If you’re planning on a spring themed wedding in the next month or two, here are some great ways you can bring the spring vibe to your wedding with great floral decor and wedding backdrops.

Three Ways Backdrops and Decor Can Enhance Spring Themed Weddings

1 – Floral Backdrops

You can’t think of spring without thinking about flowers, and flowers often feature prominently in weddings.  The trouble is, they’re difficult to work with and expensive to buy fresh in large enough quantities to be a decorative theme.  Plus, they’re so easily damaged!  On the other hand, a backdrop with a floral theme won’t wilt and can be ordered months ahead of time.

We even have “rose garden” rental backdrops that would be perfect for a flowery wedding and a very affordable option!  It would also go great with…

2 – Floral Signage

We want to make it as easy as possible to create spring-themed weddings, so we also offer some default signage templates that also match perfectly.  Our rose signs come in a wide variety of sizes, so you can use them to carry the floral theme across your entire wedding.  Plus, of course, the text and font are fully customizable, so you can still give them that personal touch with your own messaging.

3 – Floral Dance Floor Decals

Most wedding planners will think about the decorations on the walls and ceiling – but what about the floor? Floor decals are a great way to truly carry a theme across an entire wedding, particularly in a rental building that would otherwise have a boring floor.  We have multiple designs featuring flowers and can be made as small or large as you want.  They’re simple to apply and remove too!

Turn To Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs For Great Themed Weddings

We have decor to fit weddings of all types and are happy to do custom work. Contact us to discuss your ideas!


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