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Five Ways to Decide on the Style of Your Backdrop

January 12, 2017 – There are few quicker and easier ways to add a lot of individual style and personality to your wedding than by adding a professional-quality backdrop or two.  Thanks to modern digital printing techniques, it’s now easy and affordable to spruce up a wedding with vibrant, eye-catching, and photogenic backdrops.

Choosing Style of Your Backdrop

The only problem is choosing what style or graphics to use! Since the backdrop can have literally anything on it, that leaves you with a lot of potential choices – far beyond traditional wedding decoration options.

If you need inspiration, we’ve got some ideas.

Great Ways to Find Perfect Backdrops for Your Wedding

  1. Go with Your Theme

If you’re already well into planning your wedding, you probably have some idea what sort of theme you’re going to have. Whether it’s modern, deco, rustic, flowery, ribbon-y, or anything else…  a good backdrop should accompany and enhance the existing theme. Often, there’s no need to get terribly creative or risk putting in a backdrop that clashes with the established theme. Just go for something complementary. 

  1. Take Cues from Your Social Media

Backdrops beg for photographs, and you’re probably going to be posting those to your Instagram, Flickr, or other photographic social media site.  If you have a particular style or theme you prefer for your social media snaps, make the backdrop match so that it’ll fit in with your existing social media presence!

  1. Browse Other Weddings’ Photos

People love coming up with innovative ideas and themes for their weddings these days, and we’re often surprised ourselves at some of the things people come up with. Just do some image searching for recent weddings, and look for creative ideas other people have come up with. You can then put your own twist on it.

  1. Create Different “Zones” For Your Wedding Reception

Here’s a more postmodern take:  Rather than having one single set theme for your wedding, have a “mashup” of several themes separated into zones, each with a separate backdrop. You could easily divide them up based on the different activities going on at your reception, with a different “look” for your bar area, photo booth, dance floor, and so forth.  It’s pretty much guaranteed to result in a lot of highly inventive pictures and a truly unique overall vibe.

  1. Take Our Pinspiration!

Best Wedding Backdrops has our own Pinterest Boards and we keep them updated with the latest and greatest wedding backdrop photographs we find on Pinterest. It’s one of our own go-to sources when a wedding planner comes to us looking for inspiration, and it’s available for anyone who wants a little Pinspiration.

Turn to Decoration Experts for Your Wedding Backdrops

Best Wedding Backdrops brings years of experience working in digital printing and exhibition displays to your wedding.  Our all-in-one philosophy means we can help you design, print, and install the perfect backdrop for your wedding or reception.  It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s guaranteed to give your wedding a completely unique vibe.

Contact us today to learn more about your backdrop options!

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