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Discover Our Range of DIY Looking Signs – Including Seating Chart and Wedding Welcome Sign Products

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When you need signs for your wedding day event, it’s important that you consult closely with an industry expert with a comprehensive understanding of the marketplace. Our team at Best Wedding Backdrops has significant experience in this area of the marketplace, and within our latest post, we’ll highlight our wedding welcome sign products and various other options we offer.

  1. Foamboard signs

One of the leading mistakes many people make when organizing their wedding is using chalkboards as signs at the wedding venue. This can cause significant problems at the venue because the chalk dirties everything in the area. Why not turn to Best Wedding Backdrops for a custom graphic design printed on foamcore that looks like chalkboard but without the mess? It can cost less than the chalkboard and ensure your wedding venue remains in pristine condition.

  1. Acrylic bar menus

An acrylic bar menu can help to provide that unparalleled style that the best wedding events exude. We can custom design the acrylic bar menu for you so that it blends perfectly with your other décor. We can also create added touches that ensure a special menu is designed specifically for your event in response to your personal tastes.

  1. Picture Frame signs

Our team has considerable experience in creating frame styles for wedding events. Whether you want a mirror with a frame for the main area at a reception or a foam core sign with a frame, we can provide the ideal product at the right price for your event budget. One of the main benefits of working with Best Wedding Backdrops is our comprehensive understanding of event day requirements and our commitment to service with precision.

Our experts at Best Wedding Backdrops have decades of experience in the industry. We can harness our experience to ensure that you have the perfect wedding seating chart or wedding welcome sign to support the optimal venue for your happy occasion. It’s important you consult with our team early in the process to ensure the ideal pieces are found for your big day! To learn more about the options available call us directly.


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