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A Guide to Your Affordable Photo Booth Backdrops

Affordable Photo Booth Backdrops

Working with photo booth backdrops for your wedding can be challenging. Many couples find that backdrops become too expensive for their event, and they must turn to another option to entertain guests and help support the ideal celebratory ambiance. But our team at Best Wedding Backdrops is committed to providing you with affordable photo booth backdrops. And in this latest post, we’ll explain more about the options available.

We supply the vinyl or fabric backdrop

One great option for those looking for more affordable photo booth backdrops is to turn to our team at Best Wedding Backdrops for a vinyl or fabric product without the frame. Saving on the price of the frame can reduce your costs significantly. And you can still use the backdrop at the event while maintaining the quality of the product by either hanging the backdrop or mounting it directly behind the photo booth using the supplied mounting hardware.

You supply the frame, we supply the graphics

Due to the cost of the frame for your photo booth backdrops, it often makes better financial sense for you to supply the frame directly. We can then supply the graphics for you to ensure that the backdrop display is produced professionally.  This ensures you receive a high-quality display, built precisely for use within your own frame.

Use a foam core sign as your backdrop

Many couples are now reducing their wedding costs by using a foam core sign for their backdrop rather than a fabric backdrop product. While it might not offer the visual appeal of a fabric backdrop, the foam core sign can be produced more affordably and will offer value for your event.

Turning to the trusted team at Best Wedding Backdrops can help you select affordable photo booth backdrops that set the standards for both aesthetics and performance. We have many years’ experience helping couples create their ideal event days through our display systems. And we’re available around the clock to answer questions. To discover more about Best Wedding Backdrops and our service options, please call us today.


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