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A Guide to Three Unique Wedding Welcome Sign Ideas

Choosing a welcome sign for your wedding takes time. It’s important to ensure the sign is designed for the venue and for your own personalized style. Our team at Best Wedding Backdrops has decades of experience of designing wedding welcome sign products. And within this latest post, we’ll highlight three wedding welcome sign ideas.

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  1. Add your picture to the welcome sign

One of the best ways to make an immediate impression on the guests to your wedding is to add a picture of yourself and your spouse to the sign. You can also choose to add a handcrafted message to the display. Many couples choose the phrase “Welcome to Our Wedding!” or a similar message to ensure guests recognize the venue.


  1. Create a Collage

A collage is a great option for a welcome sign because it gives guests an immediate insight into the couple and their lives together. Guests are taken into the couple’s world before they enter the venue. The collage can also act as a meeting point for guests at the wedding, as many people will congregate around the area while looking at the photos and enjoying the couple’s memories.


  1. Add a cute expression

Oftentimes couples also choose to add a cute expression to your wedding welcome sign. It might be a phrase that one or both members of the couple are known for using or it might be a local saying that will help bring familiarity to the event. It’s important to work with others in the wedding party to consider potential ideas for this type of sign.


Why work with Best Wedding Backdrops?

 Our team at Best Wedding Backdrops is known for producing the highest quality wedding welcome sign options within the industry. We have decades of experience and an understanding of the challenges couples face when choosing their wedding sign products. It’s for this reason we’ve become the trusted specialist for wedding displays and décor across the region. To discover more about the complete selection of wedding welcome sign options available within our catalogue, please call our team today!


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