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A Focus On: The Rob & Kristen McDow Wedding by Best Wedding Backdrops

May 23, 2017 – Rob & Kristen McDow came to us looking for as much help as they could get in putting on a truly personalized and memorable wedding, while reducing their own workload as much as possible.  So, they were able to take advantage of many of our products at Best Wedding Backdrops, while putting together a terrific ceremony!

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Graphic Design Services

We can custom-design and print graphics in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.  This certainly came in useful for Rob & Kristen!  Since she already had a color palette in mind, we were able to quickly produce a wide variety of original graphics – including a full-sized photo backdrop – which fit in perfectly with her overall vision for the wedding.

As Kristen put it:

“It was very easy to work with Best Wedding Backdrops Graphic Designer for my wedding! The open communication with the team was seamless and they were able to customize everything that I had envisioned. What made it especially easy and less stressful was that all of my signage and decor details were consistent. From the welcome signs, to the photo backdrop, menus, and everything in between, all of the decor flowed very well and looked amazing.” 


Custom Framing Solutions Were a Big Help

One of the major challenges Rob & Kristen were facing was that they were dealing with a relatively small space to host the reception and wedding.  This made it difficult to find pieces which would fit within the room, without overwhelming it, but while also -ideally- making it feel larger than it really was.

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They sent us the measurements for the space they rented, and we created custom framing solutions that perfectly matched.  According to Kristen:

“My wedding reception room had a lot of windows, which was nice, however it made it difficult to find the perfect place for my photo backdrop. Best Wedding Backdrops custom framing solutions were able to fit the backdrop into the perfect space where it was seen by all guests and utilized very well. “

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Install and Dismantle Services?  No Sweat!

We handled all the challenging work for Rob & Kristen.  On the day of the event, we brought in all the custom signage we’d created and installed it all for them.  Our work also included a floor decal and, of course, the centerpiece backdrop.  Our years of decorating experience meant we knew exactly how to set up a complicated floor plan, in a tight space, within a limited time window.

The result?  A great wedding with a totally non-stressed bride:

 “I chose to use Best Wedding Backdrop’s install/dismantle services because it was completely stress free. As a bride, on the day of your wedding you have 1000 things to worry about, it was such a relief to not come in on the big day to set-up the decor, I knew that it was being taken care of by professionals. I would highly recommend the service, they did an impeccable job!”

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For A Great Wedding, Best Wedding Backdrops Is Here to Help

We do more than just backdrops!  If you’re looking for a totally stress-free solution to creating an amazing memorable wedding, contact us today to learn more!

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