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5 Reasons to Rent a Photo Booth from Best Wedding Backdrops

April 11, 2017 – One hot trend at weddings in recent years is the inclusion of a full photo booth. A photo booth adds a real personalized touch to a wedding, as well as giving guests a great fun experience.

photo booth

As part of our services bringing you the best options in personalized wedding decor, you can rent a photo booth from Best Wedding Backdrops – and it’s a great deal.

Why Choose Best Wedding Backdrops to Rent Your Wedding Photo Booth

Entertainment for Everyone

Everyone loves photo booths! We offer rental packages for either three or four hours, and we can virtually guarantee the booth will be bustling the entire time. Since props are included in the basic package price, guests may be taking their pictures over and over just to try out all the possibilities.

Great for the Kids

If you’ve ever been at a wedding with kids, you know: for them, a wedding can often be boring. They may act out, or cause trouble, because there just isn’t much for a kid to do at a wedding. However, the photo booth can be a great way to distract them – and the on-site attendant will be keeping an eye on them and making sure they use the equipment appropriately.

Totally Unique Take-Home Items

Another great benefit to photo booths is that every guest who uses one gets their own completely unique take-home items. Our booths come with unlimited prints too! It ensures everyone in attendance gets a special little gift that’s uniquely theirs, while still reminding them of your great wedding.

Loads of Fun Add-Ons Are Available

photo boothIf you want to take your photo booth further, we have tons of great add-ons you can include as part of the package to make the booth even more fun.

These include:

  • Additional rental backdrops, or even custom backdrops!
  • Guest book services.
  • “Instant Sharing Stations” which connect directly to social sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Tumblr.
  • Animated GIF support (great for micro-videos!)
  • A red carpet and stanchions for a classic ‘exclusive club’ look.
  • Extra decor and signage for the booth.

More for Your Money

With a photo booth, you get so much for your money! The price includes a live attendant, as well as all setup, teardown, and transportation costs. Additionally, as mentioned above, you get unlimited prints when you rent from Best Wedding Backdrops. No gimmicks or restrictions, just unlimited prints.  On top of that, we also create a digital album which your guests can download copies from when they get home.

Best Wedding Backdrops Brings You the Best in Custom Wedding Decoration

We don’t want your wedding to be ‘everyday’ and by-the-book. We want your wedding to be full of personalized, custom touches that make it uniquely yours and an experience your guests will always remember. Contact Best Wedding Backdrops to talk about how many options for personalizing your wedding to the max!

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