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Why Rent Your Wedding Photo Booth from Best Wedding Backdrops?

One of the most popular additions to weddings today is a rented photo booth.  It’s really a perfect fit.  People today are obsessed with taking pictures of anything and everything, but -quite often- mostly themselves.  Having a photo booth allows guests to take all the pictures they like, in a controlled environment, and without running around bonking people with selfie sticks.

Plus, a professionally-staffed and maintained photo booth offers a lot more options in the kinds of pictures that are taken.  Various add-ons and options can make them even more fun.

So why rent a photo booth from us?  We’ve got options and features you’d be hard-pressed to find from anyone else!

Four Reasons to Rent a Wedding Photo Booth from Best Wedding Backdrops

  1. Custom Backdrops

Typically, when you rent a photo booth, you only get one backdrop for the pictures – and often it’s a plain white sheet or something along those lines.  However, you can do so much more when you rent a booth from us!  Since we specialize in custom design work and printing, we can work with you to create one or more custom backdrops that make any pictures taken at your wedding photo booth totally unique!

You can ensure those pictures match the overall tone and style of the wedding.  Or, include a few options so that your guests can pick the backdrops they like best.

  1. Instant Sharing Stations

Whenever you rent a booth, you (and your guests) get access to an online photo album which is available after the reception/wedding.  However, we’re in the age of instant gratification!  Who wants to wait?  Our booths can be set up with instant sharing stations that allow guests to immediately grab a copy of their photo(s) and upload them to their favorite social media sites.

(This can also mean a steady stream of pics from your wedding appearing online in real-time, for anyone watching at home…)

  1. GIF Booth Upgrade

Static pictures are so 20th Century!  When you rent a photo booth from us, you can upgrade it to support animated GIFs – perfect for uploading to micro-video sites, Reddit, and other online sources.  Plus, being able to have animated pictures gives your guests so many more ways to be creative in their picture-taking!

  1. Prop Packages

Again, since we do so much custom work for weddings, as well as doing full wedding planning, we have plenty of props on-hand – and we can always procure more.  With a bit of setup time, we can create custom prop packages which are perfectly matched to your wedding and/or backdrops.  The right props can make your photo booth even more fun, while encouraging your guests to be as crazy as they want be.

Design A Great Wedding with Best Wedding Backdrops

We don’t only do custom design work – we could plan and handle almost every aspect of your wedding, aside from catering.  With decades of event-planning experience, we could make your life much easier. Talk to us to learn more!


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