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Why Have a Backdrop for Your Photo Booth?

Jun 8, 2017 – Right now, one of the most popular new additions to a wedding is a rented photo booth!  People love taking pictures, so photo booths are a fantastic way to let your guests indulge – but without waving selfie sticks all over the place during the celebrations. Plus, modern photo booth rentals offer unlimited prints for guests, as well as digital uploads and possibly even animated GIF options!


However, photo booths can be spiced up even further with the use of backdrops. A great photo booth backdrop can really enhance the overall experience, as well as adding a feature to your wedding that your friends and family will love! 

Four Reasons to Add a Photo Booth Backdrop

  1. Cover up a boring or ugly wall

The pictures a photo booth takes are only as good as what it’s pointed at, but what if that’s an ugly or out-of-place wall? Not every venue has a good space suitable for putting up a photo booth. But with a backdrop, you can easily cover it up, and make the pictures taken so much more appealing!

Sure, you could just put up a plain white background (or sheet) to cover up the wall, but where’s the fun in that?

  1. Add a theme to the wedding photos

If you’re planning on having a strong central theme or visual identity to your wedding, that should definitely carry through to all the photo booth pictures your guests are taking! Your photo booth backdrop can be customized to look like anything you want, such as utilizing graphics from other parts of the wedding, or anything else you can imagine!

The right custom backdrop can ensure every photo taken is clearly from your wedding, and none other.

  1. Have some fun

Or, you could always go the other route. If the rest of your wedding is going to be serious business, your photo booth could be the designated fun zone. (Particularly if it’s near the bar…) Toss out worries about styles and theming, and pick out one or more backdrops that are silly, frivolous, and just plain fun. Your guests might appreciate being able to let their hair down a bit, and it could also keep your more gregarious guests from getting into trouble in other places around the reception.

  1. Personalize it!

Another way to put your stamp on photo booth pictures from your wedding is to really put your stamp on them. A backdrop customized with your name, initials, or signature makes it certain your guests will always remember where those pictures came from, when sorting through their social media pics.

Best Wedding Backdrops Is Here to Make Your Wedding Pop

We have decades’ experience in interior design and layout, and specialize in transforming an ordinary space into something extraordinary! Whether you only get a photo booth backdrop from us, or take advantage of our full planning services, you’ll get amazing wedding décor and accessories from Best Wedding Backdrops.

Contact us today to discuss our services!

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