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Wedding & Technology Can Come Together with A High-Tech Photo Booth!

Not everyone wants a traditional wedding.  More and more people want to find ways to merge a wedding & technology to create something a bit more futuristic and “21st Century.” One great way to do this is through the addition of a rented photo booth station at your wedding!

Photo booths are a great wedding addition because they’re fun for all ages.  Whether you’ve got younger guests you want to keep distracted, or you just want a great way for you and your friends to create loads of memories, wedding photo booths are always popular.  Better yet, they can have plenty of high tech features and add-ons that really emphasize the melding of wedding and technology you’re shooting for.

How the Right Photo Booth Can Combine A Wedding & Technology

1 – They’re surprisingly compact

Modern photo booths don’t even have to be full booths at all, like those ones which used to be in malls.  Everything they need can be put into a single stand-up unit which can be put anywhere in your wedding layout.  You could even move it around if you wanted to provide different views.

2 – Easy online photo albums

People using your photo booth don’t only get printed copies of the pictures – they’re also added to an online photo album!  So, you have access to all the pics, so you can pull out the best ones for your social media or scrapbook.  Or give access to the album to your guests as well, so everyone can enjoy seeing the pictures.

3 – Instant social sharing

Want to have a truly “wired” wedding?  You can add a station to your booth which allows your guests to log onto their favorite social media site and upload their photo booth pics directly!  It saves time, and it’s a great way for guests to help you create a “real-time” moment-by-moment look at your wedding in action.

4 – GIF support upgrade

Why stick to boring single-image photos?  An affordable booth upgrade gets you full animated GIF capabilities – allowing you to capture your memories in motion.  The possibilities for guests to amuse themselves with animated GIFs on demand are nearly limitless, and you’re bound to get great material in the online album.

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