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Ways to Make your Photo Booth Experience Unforgettable

December 22, 2016 – One of the newest and popular ideas in high-tech weddings are rented photo booths!  You get a professionally staffed and maintained photo booth which gives your guests opportunities to take unlimited photos, which they can then download for free after the event.

Improve Your Photo BoothPhoto booths are fun, creative, and a great way to create photographic memories which are exclusive to your wedding!

If you’re thinking about adding a photo booth to your wedding, we’ve got some tips in how to use them to best effect.  Any photo booth at all is great, but with a little forethought, they can be truly exceptional.

Tips for Making the Most of a Wedding Photo Booth


It’s important to place your wedding photo booth someplace where it’s going to get plenty of foot traffic.  We’ve seen people put them off to the side, or in hallways, and the result is they end up going under-used.  Some guests may not realize the photo booth is there at all!

Our suggestion?  Put it near the bar.  It’s a well-trafficked area, and it virtually guarantees plenty of entertainment for yourselves, the guests, and everyone else too… especially as the night wears on.

Get creative with your props

Go beyond the typical feather boas, clown noses and mustache and glasses combo.  Everyone uses those.  Raid a costume shop or second-hand store for accessories which will be unique and memorable.  The more the merrier.

Or, for a little extra, you could add custom-printed props! Signs and cut-outs can be made that look like absolutely anything you might want:  Photo-realistic recreations of the bride and groom, fake Instagram or Tumblr backdrops, “head through hole” fake body stand-ups, buttons, and more.

Make a custom backdrop

Photo booths typically come with a very plain, neutral-colored backdrop.  Often, it’s plain white.  Go beyond the ordinary.  You could have a backdrop for your booth created with bright colors, patterns, specially-chosen photos, or anything else which speaks to your personality.  It could match the wedding decor, or be as far-out as your imagination can take it!

You could have a few backdrops made, so that guests can choose the one that best fits the photographs they want to take.

Red Carpet and Stanchions

Want to make your photo station seem like a real event?  Roll out the red carpet – literally!  A carpet and stanchions will help draw attention to the booth, particularly if there’s some reason you can’t give it a central location.  They also make it a bit more fun for guests to queue up for their turn, while giving the affair a bit more class.

Get Animated

Why have dull static photos when you can have memories in motion?  Our photo booths can be upgraded to support animated GIFs, perfect for uploading to Facebook, Twitter and other services that support animation.  It’s a 21st Century approach to wedding photos, and we can make it easy.

For the Best Ii Custom Weddings, Choose Best Wedding Backdrops

At Best Wedding Backdrops, we have years of experience designing for events – and we can make your wedding magical too. Contact us to discuss your ideas!

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