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There Are So Many Great Ways to Use a Backdrop in Your Wedding Ceremony

January 18, 2017 – One of the reasons we love wedding backdrops and we’re so enthusiastic about helping people add them to their ceremonies is that backdrops are incredibly versatile. Depending on the sort of effect you want to go for, they can be used in a wide variety of ways, and in different locations throughout the ceremony.

Ways to Use a Wedding Backdrop

And that’s without even thinking about all your options in style and designs! The ways you can use a backdrop to enhance and personalize your wedding are nearly limitless. 

4 Inspiring Ways to Work Backdrops into Your Wedding Ceremony

  1. At the End of The Aisle

Don’t overlook the most “obvious” usage of a backdrop at a wedding – at the end of the aisle, behind the bride, groom, and officiant. It truly “completes the look” of the ceremony, while providing amazing photo opportunities for all the assembled guests. If you’re using custom wedding vows, it could also be designed to accentuate those vows through graphics, words, or any combination.

Just as one example, you might “frame” the backdrop with the words from your vows, so they are visible in every photo.

  1. Either Side of The Seating

Are you working with an indoor space that’s relatively plain, and don’t want to spend big money covering the walls in decorations? A couple backdrops on either side can instantly “open up” the space, while covering up those boring naked walls. You can easily get thematic here, using design elements like Roman columns or flower patterns to add even more interest.

  1. Two at The Back, Behind the Seating

If you’re working with a large space where the wedding ceremony will only be in part of it — like if the reception and wedding are at the same time/location — backdrops are a great way to divide up the room. You could even use two-sided backdrops, so that a different image is presented whether someone is taking pictures of the reception vs. the ceremony.

  1. Make Indoors Outdoors, Or Vice-Versa

Want to really get creative? Work “against” the space you’re in. Add photographic backdrops to the front or sides that make the ceremony appear outdoors, even when it’s indoors. You can end up with a highly-varied set of photos that way. Or, on the other hand, if you’re having an outdoor ceremony, you can use indoor-style backdrops to give a more intimate feel to the proceedings. They’re also a great way to cover up any unsightly outdoor elements you wouldn’t want making their way into photos, such as nearby buildings.

Get Wedding Backdrops, Designs, And Advice from The Pros

Best Wedding Backdrops has extensive experience in the creation, printing, and installation of backdrops and other design accessories. We’re taking the talent we’ve honed becoming one of Ontario’s top options in exposition booth design, and we’re bringing it to your wedding. Our unique combination of skills and tools can be put to use making your ceremony a truly personalized and creative experience.

Contact us today to make your unique wedding dreams a reality!

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