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The Three Unique Locations to Place Your Wedding Dance Floor Decals

Wedding decals can help to enhance the event experience for guests. They can ensure that guests have a number of memories of your special event and can highlight the unique value of the event for both the families involved and all other guests. But it’s important that the locations of wedding dance floor decals are chosen carefully for maximum visibility and value. And so, within this latest post, we’ll highlight three unique locations to place wedding decals.

Window Areas

In venues that allow it, make sure you place wedding dance floor decals on the window areas around the event. Most of the photography will be taking place around the window spaces, and so your wedding decals can achieve maximum visibility in these areas. Make sure that you ask the venue first before placing decals on windows, and ensure that the decal doesn’t impact the level of natural light within the space.

Bathroom Mirrors

For a special touch, you can add wedding decals to bathroom mirrors at the event. The guest will then remain within the event experience when they visit the bathroom at the venue. And this can also help to create a unique experience for all venue visitors. Take the time to place the wedding dance floor decals so they don’t impact the use of the mirror for guests, and make sure that decals are fixed to the mirror to avoid creating issues with water damage.

Glass Doors

All glass doors at the venue are suitable for the placement of decals. For example, glass doors that are placed at the entrance to the venue should have a number of decals placed on them to capture the attention of guests and to begin their journey into the event experience. Work with your decal provider to ensure the product can be easily seen at its best on the glass door.

Our team at Best Wedding Backdrops is here to help you create that unique event experience. To discover more about your decal options, give us a call today.


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