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How to Customize Rented Wedding Walls and Backdrops

Wednesday, January 10th   – When people are looking to dress up their wedding walls and otherwise create great impressions for their visitors, wedding backdrops are a popular option.  Now, ordering a custom-made backdrop from a company like Best Wedding Backdrops can be a bit outside of many smaller weddings’ budget, but there is an alternative – rentals.

Rented wedding walls can be a perfect compromise.  With plenty of options to choose from, there’s a rental backdrop for nearly any occasion – and they only cost a fraction of what original custom work would.  Better yet, if you’re careful not to damage the rental, there are plenty of ways you can further dress up these wedding walls to make them more personalized.

Here are a few ideas.

Five Ways to Customize a Rented Wedding Backdrop

  1. Add signs surrounding the backdrop

Signs are a great accessory for weddings since they can serve multiple purposes at once.  They might be informative, or they might just be there for decoration, but either way, they can carry through your design and ideas and color choices.  A few signs around the backdrop will enhance it, and possibly make your wedding or reception easier to navigate as well.

  1. Put it in lights

Strings of lights are cheap, easy to set up, and always add some pizzazz to a wedding.  Granted, they probably aren’t well-suited for a low-key wedding, but in almost any other setting, they’re instantly eye-grabbing and distinctive.  Stringing lights on or around the backdrop will quickly make it look unique.

  1. Flowers!

Flowers are one of the oldest and most traditional of wedding decorations, and they can be added to everything – including your backdrop.   Some backdrops already have a floral motif, so adding some real flowers will only make it pop more – and with no risk of damaging the rental.  You could also do the same with leaves and other natural elements.

  1. Props and other smaller custom pieces

Another way to dress up your backdrop, while also making it more three-dimensional, is adding props around it.  For example, with the “vintage frames” backdrop, the addition of some real-life frames will really help sell the image.  Get creative!  As long as the props fit the theme, almost anything will work.

  1. Posters or pictures

If you’re careful, you can even add your own pictures or posters to the backdrop.  Just be sure to use “poster putty” style sticky products which won’t leave a residue or otherwise damage the surface your pictures are being attached to.  Avoid tape or glue.

Best Wedding Backdrops Can Make Your Wedding Unique

We’re a top wedding decoration and planning shop, with more than thirty years’ experience putting together a wide variety of events.  Large or small, we’ve got the equipment and accessories to really make your wedding shine.  Or, take a load off your shoulders and let us handle your logistics and planning!

Contact Best Wedding Backdrops today to make it happen.


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