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Wedding Reception Backdrops | Best Wedding Backdrops

Why Choose Us Over DIY For Your Wedding Reception Backdrops

One question we occasionally hear from would-be customers is, “Why do I need you?  Can’t I just make some wedding reception backdrops for myself?”

Well, sure, you could.  Nothing’s stopping you, if you have the time and energy and talent.  However, Best Wedding Backdrops is far more than “just” a backdrops company.  We have decades of experience in handling graphic design, decoration creation, layout, logistics, and more.

In fact, you might even find that hiring us for our all-in-one services will save you money over trying to source everything yourself!

5 Reasons to Choose BWB For Your Wedding Reception Backdrops

  1. Unparalleled Design Experience

Best Wedding Backdrops may be a new company, but we’re a spinoff from our parent company, Best Displays & Graphics.  BD&G has over thirty years’ experience creating trade show displays for major brands around the world, with plenty of award-winning designs in our portfolio.  Doing wedding backdrops and decorations is quite similar, and we can bring all our expertise to work making your wedding amazing. 

  1. Huge In-House Resources

One of the reasons we excel at both weddings and trade shows is that we have a range of tools, techniques, and talent in-house.  We do all our own printing, design, and build work.  Being able to do so much under one roof allows us to offer extremely competitive prices on our products.

  1. We Can Handle the Design for You

Do you have an idea for what your wedding reception backdrops should look like, but aren’t quite sure about the specifics?  That’s the sort of job we handle all the time!  Just give us your ideas and any source graphics or images you want to incorporate, and our master designers will get to work creating some miniature mockups for you.  Then you just pick the one you want and we make it happen.

  1. Full Logistics Services Are Available

If you wanted, we could handle practically everything about your wedding aside from the catering.  (And we could make some recommendations for that too.)  We could design the layout and look for your wedding, come up with a floor plan, and handle all setup and dismantling.  Because we’d be doing it all ourselves, we can often offer far better rates than you could find hiring separate movers, electricians, etc., to handle individual jobs.

Even better, you’d have a single point of contact for any questions or concerns you might have.

  1. Do You Really Want to Add Stress to Your Wedding Prep?

Creating large wedding reception backdrops is a challenging task, one which would likely take a single person several days to pull off.  Is this really the best way to spend your time leading up to your wedding?  If you call in Best Wedding Backdrops, you can have a wedding experience that’s as stress-free as possible… but with amazing and unique decorations that make it truly memorable.

From single pieces of decor, to one-stop-shop services, contact Best Wedding Backdrops and talk about your wedding vision!

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