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Six Events Where You Can Use Your Photo Booth Backdrop

Wednesday, January 24th  – Photo booths are, of course, hugely popular at a wide variety of events.  People love taking pictures of themselves and each other, and photo booths let them do just that – and without bonking each other with selfie sticks.  Photo booths can be made even more fun with the addition of a custom photo booth backdrop from Best Wedding Backdrops.  Rather than a plain white background, it can be anything you can imagine!

With a photo booth backdrop – or several – the fun factor of your photo booth can go way up.  Plus, there are all sorts of events surrounding your wedding where you can use a booth and backdrop to great effect.

So, don’t think that a booth backdrop is a one-time-only purchase.  It has quite a bit of reusability.

Six Events Where You Can Use Your Photo Booth Backdrop

  1. The Wedding Itself

We don’t see the craze for photo booths ending anytime soon, and they’re a great addition to weddings of all sizes.  Not only do they give the guests something fun to do throughout the festivities, they’re also great for keeping smaller kids occupied as well.  Your backdrop can tie into your overall theme, or you can vary it up with a selection to give your guests variety.

  1. Engagement Parties

Why wait for your wedding?  Engagement parties let you get a head start on the fun, and a photo booth/backdrop combo is just the thing to break the ice.  An “announcement” backdrop will help mark the occasion when it appears on so many guests’ pictures.

  1. The Bridal Shower

Showers are a bit more informal, so it’s a good way to let your guests have some fun and let their hair down.  Or, if you’ve been given clothes or jewelry at the shower, you can model them in the photo booth for some great easy social media posts.

  1. Bachelorette Party 

Bachelorette parties are all about fun, and that’s exactly what a photo booth and backdrop will encourage!  Photo booths can be an excellent ice-breaker if you’re having trouble getting your guests to loosen up.

5 – The “Jack & Jill”

A new arrival on the wedding tradition scene, there are a lot of variations on the “Jack & Jill,” but they basically boil down to being a co-ed mixed shower and bachelor/ette party.  After all, that business about keeping the guys and girls separate before a wedding is dated.  Depending on the nature of your party, photo booths can be good clean fun for everyone involved…  or not-so-clean.

6 – Baby Shower

Finally, you could pull out the photo booth backdrop for an “encore” when it’s time for your baby shower.  And, again, it’s a great opportunity for social media pictures showing off all your great presents!

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