Blog | Best Wedding Backdrops - Part 9
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Inexpensive Wedding Décor That Sets Your Reception Apart

December 14, 2016 – Just because you’re trying to put together a wedding on a budget doesn’t mean you should settle for certain decorations or bare interior walls.  There are plenty of ways to spice up your wedding reception without breaking the bank, while still making it a highly-personalized affair that shows off your own individual sense of style! Read more…

Design Tips for Custom Wedding Photography Backdrops

December 12, 2016 – One of the hottest new trends in weddings is the use of custom photographic backdrops for either the reception or the ceremony itself.  Custom backdrops are an ideal way to distinguish your wedding from the usual clichés of flowers, ribbons, and drapery.  Since literally anything could be put onto the backdrop, it can be used to create a ceremony that’s just as unique as you are – as well as creating wedding photos unlike any others you’ve seen! Read more…

Add ‘Wow!’ Factor to Your Wedding Reception with Unique Wedding Reception Decorations in Canada

November 14 2016 – With so many wedding reception decorations in Canada to choose from, you want the ones which won’t merely look right for your wedding – you want the ones that will look amazing!  Read more…

Four Ways to Incorporate a Backdrop into Your Wedding

November 10 2016 – Everyone wants to find the perfect frame for their wedding pictures… but what if you could add the perfect frame to your entire wedding?   Read more…

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