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Inexpensive Wedding Décor That Sets Your Reception Apart

December 14, 2016 – Just because you’re trying to put together a wedding on a budget doesn’t mean you should settle for certain decorations or bare interior walls.  There are plenty of ways to spice up your wedding reception without breaking the bank, while still making it a highly-personalized affair that shows off your own individual sense of style!

Designing a Great Wedding Reception for Low CostWedding Décor Ideas

Keep the space reasonable

Before even talking decorations, you can often save yourself a bundle simply by picking a venue that’s no larger than you need.  Big showy halls might sound impressive on paper, but they require a lot of decorating to prevent them from looking like a warehouse.

If only few (if any) of the wedding photos will show the entire space, it often doesn’t make much difference in the end.

You might even consider having an outdoor reception, if you’re in an area with good weather.  Let nature itself do the decorating!  You could use signs and backdrops to define the boundaries, while giving guests options in photography.

Custom signage

It’s a little thing, but custom signs are extremely cheap to have printed up, and they can carry through just about any design scheme while keeping your guests properly directed.  In some cases, particularly well-designed stand-up signs, can even become photographic elements too!

Floor decals – cheap and easy

If you’re trying to cover up a naked concrete, rubber, or polyurethane floor, vinyl floor decals are the perfect option.  Like custom signs, smaller decals are inexpensive to have printed up thanks to digital printing techniques that have been developed in the last few years.  They can be anything you want, and quickly spice up a space.

Even better, they’re extremely easy to apply and remove without damaging the underlying surface.  No special equipment or skills are necessary, so you or your decorators can install them without extra (expensive) expertise.

Rental backdrops

With wedding and reception backdrops becoming so popular lately, companies offering them very often have rental backdrops available for the day for only a few hundred dollars.  A single large backdrop can entirely transform a wall – as well as the surrounding space – and add a totally unique vibe to the reception.  Even better, they’re absolute magnets for photographers since they’re easy to pose in front of.

Custom cut-outs

Basically, signs without the directions, custom cut-outs can be anything you want – from fake Instagram borders to full-size replicas of the happy couple.  Like backdrops, but smaller, they’re a perfect way to encourage creative photography opportunities while adding a personalized touch to your ceremony.

Get Your Wedding Decor from Top Sign and Backdrop Experts

Best Wedding Backdrops has years of experience working in display-related fields such as trade shows, and now we’re bringing our design expertise to weddings as well.  With Best Wedding Backdrops, you can get unique custom signs, backdrops, and other pieces of reception decor for prices which won’t wreck your budget.

Contact us today to talk about your wedding dream, and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

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