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How to Achieve an Affordable Headtable Backdrop

head table backdrop

We know it’s not always easy to keep wedding costs low. You’ll want to reduce your expenditure where possible while ensuring that ideal event. Our team has significant experience in this area of the industry, and so within this latest post, we’ll highlight how to achieve an affordable head table backdrop.

Supply the Frame Yourself

By working with a company that offers head table graphics, you can reduce the costs of your event considerably by simply supplying the frame yourself while the company supplies the graphics. The frame can be used to elevate the style of the backdrop design, but it’s most important that the design itself is professional.  So, if you wish to conserve your costs you can simply use a frame you have at home along with a professional design option.

Use a Foamcore Backdrop

Many couples are also now reducing the cost of their big day by using foamcore backdrops rather than fabric products. Foamcore products are far more affordable than fabric options and can be used in much the same way as fabric. Another advantage of foamcore products is that they are very light. And so you will be able to transport the backdrop easily to the event while being able to move it around the event venue when you’re taking pictures and conducting wedding videography.

Consider a Smaller Size

The backdrop for the head table doesn’t have to be overly large in size, just large enough so that it makes the right impact for your event. Many couples find they can reduce their wedding costs by quite a few dollars by simply choosing a smaller size. Remember, however, to work with an expert such as Best Wedding Backdrops during this process. Only experts are able to offer the sizing range you require for your event, and only those with experience will know which size of head table backdrop best suits your requirements.

Our team at Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs has significant experience in the wedding display marketplace. To learn more about the head table backdrop options available for your big day, make sure you call us early in the planning process!

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