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How Mirrored Signs Can Enhance Your Wedding Reception Decorations

Best Wedding Backdrops & Signs now carries mirror signs as part of our stock of wedding reception decorations!  We’re always looking for more materials to carry, and mirrored signage was something a lot of you asked for – so now it’s here.

Our mirror signs are high-quality and available for rental and can be put to plenty of different uses around your wedding.  Or, we can even use your own mirror, if you’ve got one -like an heirloom- you’d like to work into your ceremony.

Either way, the text can be fully customized, and it’s up to you how much of the mirror is left visible or is obscured by the text.  However, you use the text, a mirrored sign immediately creates a sense of depth, since the text creates its own “shadow” for a truly distinctive effect.  Plus, of course, the text can be removed without damaging the mirror underneath.

Here are just a few ideas for how mirrored wedding reception decorations could be used for your wedding!

4 Great Uses for Mirrored Signs in Your Wedding Decor

1 – Welcome Sign

Help your guests get their wedding experience off to the best possible start with a sign that’s a true eye-catcher.   Another nice benefit of a mirrored wedding sign is that it gives your guests one last chance to check their clothes and makeup before heading to the main reception or ceremony.

2 – Order of events sign

One sign you do not want your guests to overlook is the order of events sign.  So why not make it the most distinctive piece of signage in the room?  A mirrored order of events sign is guaranteed to be seen by every visitor with eyes, and that’s going to make it much more likely everyone will be where they need to be for every event.

3 – Seating chart

For smaller weddings, you could put the seating chart onto a mirror – yes, even including a table diagram.  It adds a nice little touch of class and helps the main meal feel like an extra-special part of the reception.

4 – Menu signs

Your menu sign could be mirrored as well if your menu isn’t extensive.  Set up near the bar, this would help prevent guests from pestering you or other organizers about the meal ahead.  It’s easy to see!

Want to learn more about our mirrored wedding reception decorations? Just ask!

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