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Great Ideas for Unique Custom Wedding Signs

One way to really spice up your wedding and make it unique is signage.  Sure, it might not be the first thing people think of when it comes to wedding decoration, but that’s part of how it works. Wedding signs are part of any wedding, but by making them particularly creative you’re taking an ordinary piece of decor and making them extraordinary instead!

The right wedding signs can go along with your overall theme, while also encouraging whatever behaviors you want to see out of your guests.  Done right, they can even be downright fun! 

Here’s a few ideas.

Creative Ways to Use Wedding Signs in Your Reception and Ceremony

  1. His & Hers Drinks Signs

Why should your bar just serve up the same old cocktails as anywhere else?  Be more creative than that!  A his and her signature drink sign can show off your own favorite mixers or spirits, or maybe even have something that’s entirely your own creation!

  1. Themed Ceremony Signs

That whole formal/cursive thing that used to be the only way to handle wedding signs is well on its way out, unless you’ve got some serious traditionalists in your family.  Make your main ceremony sign big and loud and part of your overall design scheme.  Try a more artsy look, or a wood theme, or just make it fun!

  1. Clever Directional Signs

A larger wedding or reception needs directional signs to ensure everyone is in the right places at the right times (and/or can find the bathroom) but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring.  Signs set up to look like old-time signposts are quite popular right now, or maybe even themed to look like street signs.  Or do some custom cutting work and make them look woodcut.  You’ve got a lot of options here.

  1. Kissing Menus

Everyone loves seeing the bride and groom kiss…  so why not make ’em work for it and contribute to the entertainment?  If they want to see a smooch from the couple, they have to do something such as answering trivia questions or putting on a song performance.  Plus, kissing menus can be themed any way you like – matching the decor, or perhaps standing out with rare bits of black and red to emphasize their slightly naughty nature.

  1. Guest Book Signs

Guest books are another old-fashioned idea that are getting creative updates.  Why have a literal book when there are so many other ways to get guests to sign in?  Having a big sign they all mark up in some way turns it into an interactive piece of art, and a great keepsake you could potentially even hang on your wall.  One recent favorite we’ve seen was a big black sign with stars, encouraging each guest to create a constellation by connecting some dots.

Get Great Signs from Best Wedding Backdrops 

Our custom design and printing facilities can handle anything you can dream up, and work with plenty of different materials!  Contact us today to learn more!


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