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Great Ideas for A New Year’s Head Table Backdrop for Your Wedding

Thursday, January 4th, If you’re planning a wedding for early January, there are a lot of potential themes you could give it – but a New Year’s theme would be a great choice!  After all, New Year’s celebrations are about rebirth and renewal, so they fit in perfectly with a ceremony which is all about the rebirth of your own new life.  Plus, two-in-one celebrations can be extra fun, thanks to the extra possibilities they add.  And there’s no better way to really emphasize the New Year at your wedding than with a massive head table backdrop from Best Wedding Backdrops!

A head table backdrop can easily be the centerpiece of your reception or wedding.  It’s designed to run the full length of a head table, measuring sixteen feet wide or longer.  Basically, these backdrops are intended to entirely replace a back wall, or even potentially serve as a dividing wall in a larger space.  In the meantime, it’s also a huge artistic statement, and a great way to unify the theme of your wedding.

Ordering a custom head table backdrop also brings you plenty of possibilities for focusing on the New Year in your wedding!

Four Great Ideas for New Year’s Themed Head Table Backdrops

  1. Confetti and Streamers

Everyone loves confetti and streamers at this time of year, and they look great on a wedding backdrop – particularly when they’re contrasted against a dark background.  It makes the colors in them truly pop, as well as ensuring there’s a background in place which will make the bride stand out well.  You could even enhance your backdrop with real confetti, streamers, and glitter to make it even more festive.

  1. 2018 Themes 

2018 is coming, so why not make it one of the main messages of your wedding?  A huge 2018 in gold and silver would mark the special occasion, as well as emphasizing the time and place of your wedding.  Or, make it a step-and-repeat backdrop, which is less expensive to produce.

  1. New Year’s Resolutions

Since you can print anything at all on a custom-made backdrop, you can make it super-personalized.  A set of New Year’s resolutions focused on your marriage would be a great way of telling everyone present what your wedding is really about, as well as giving you a reminder in the years ahead of your plans and dreams.  You could even leave some space blank and invite your visitors to add their own suggested resolutions!

  1. Champagne and Bubbles

Champagne is another ritual that’s associated with both weddings and New Year’s, so it’s a great “twofer” design.  Plus, bubbles always look great on a backdrop and make for a visually interesting presentation.  A champagne-themed head table backdrop can be both classic and exciting.

Best Wedding Backdrops Can Make Your Custom Dreams Come True

Large or small, the in-house printing facilities here at Best Wedding Backdrops can make any backdrop you can dream of into a reality.  Contact us today for information about our custom design and printing services!

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